Cops Play Wii Bowling During Drug Bust

“America’s tax dollars at work.”

In the video American cops were executing an undercover drug raid in South Florida of a suspected drug dealer, sounds like your average drug raid; burst through the front door, have your guns drawn, search the house and play some Wii Bowling while your at it, wait…what?

As you can expect, the suspected drug dealer got his lawyer. The lawyer is trying to invalidate the search, which would get rid of any evidence found, on accounts of the game-playing.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd chuckled at that, but he’s not happy about the game-playing.

“That is not appropriate conduct at a search warrant. But I am less pleased with the supervision that didn’t walk in and say, turn that off. That’s what supervision should have done.”

The police, since the footage was released, have received bad publicity, but it could proceed to get worse.

A Tampa-area defence attorney (not the one defending the suspected drug dealer), has left his own argument about these actions:

“The real question here is have they seized property that wasn’t described in the search warrant? Clearly if they’re using it, they’ve seized it and for totally improper purposes, because it’s for entertainment. Investigations are not for entertainment.”

The video can be viewed through this link.

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  1. This shows us how advanced the police actually is. They don’t even have to do anything! We’re saved!
    Seriously, i’m self proclaiming myself as a police officer.

  2. That’s HILARIOUS.
    I think the whole search should be invalidated, just to give the officers a kick up the ass for STOPPING AND PLAYING WII.
    That’s just stupid.

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