Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Cooking Mama: Cook Off is a video game that is developed exclusively for the Wii by Cooking mama limited. This simulation game has both the single player and the multi player mode. The game is played using the Wii remote that comes together with the Wii video game console. Taito, Majesco and 505 Games developed the game. This game is part of the cooking mama series and the sequel of the game is called Cooking mama: World Kitchen. Cooking Mama: Cook Off was released on February 8 2007, March 20 2007, May 11 2007 and May 17 2007 in Japan, United States, Europe and Australia respectively.

The game is interesting whether you actually enjoy cooking or not in reality. You are required to prepare some dishes through a series of minigames that are played throughout the whole game. A complete dish will require a number of minigames that could add up to ten or three depending on the dish that you are making. The Wii remote will help you slice, stir, chop and roll just like the way you do it in the kitchen.

There are over 55 recipes in Cook Off displayed in a cookbook that you can try. The steps and ingredients that are needed in a particular dish are relatively more than the Original cooking mama. The ingredients for all these recipes are well over 300 and the recipes are from all over the world. Therefore, if you are up for Chinese or Italian food, it is all in there. In this cookbook, there is the imprint of a country’s national flag next to each recipe so that you know the origin of the dish. Countries that are included are Russia, Spain, Italy, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, German, India and France. You may find recipes such as sushi, pan-fried lobster and cream puffs.

In order to score in this game, you need to prepare a certain dish in a specified period and with as much accuracy as possible. You do not necessarily receive a score after the whole dish is made but after you have completed a minigame. More points are awarded with speed. You also do not have the liberty to choose between all the 55 recipes when you start the game. Only a few recipes will be unlocked for you and the rest of the recipes can only be unlocked when you are done with a recipe.

There are also awards given to players that manage to prepare a dish perfectly. You can actually receive a gold medal for a perfect dish that you have prepared.

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