2010 Launch Set for Wii Vitality Sensor

At this year’s E3, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced yet another peripheral for the Wii: The Vitality Sensor.  Not much was revealed about the accessory, but Iwata noted that the device would be able to sense the user’s pulse and other such bodily signals.  He went on to say that through use of the Vitality Sensor, games would be used for relaxation in the near future.

When the product was introduced at E3, it left many people skeptical about the idea of using a pulse meter as a gaming peripheral.  Iwata has since stated that the Vitality Sensor will be used in many ways, not just to measure pulse.  According to Iwata, the Vitality Sensor can pick up signals from the user, so if someone is playing a horror game, the tension that player is experiencing will be picked up by the pulse meter.  Likewise, if someone is playing a relaxing game, the user’s state will be sensed and seemingly recorded by the peripheral.  Plans for a game based on the theme of relaxation are already underway, and Iwata has said that the product is being tested by Nintendo employees, and results are starting to show.

What exactly does Nintendo have in store for gamers regarding the Wii Vitality Sensor?  Will the device transition well into gameplay and provide the unique and rewarding experience Iwata has promised?  Will it be another accessory designed with the casual gamer in mind?  Or is this pulse meter going to eventually fall into the heap of unused accessories that came before it?

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Looks ridiculous 🙂 .. who is going to play a game with one hand? I think at most it will be used in conjunction with wii fit to measure pulse rate or some other vitals (or maybe like Wii Fit it will find its way into hospitals and other such real world applications?)

  2. Hmm, this new “vitality” add-on will most probably be used for casual games.

    I won’t be surprised to see Nintendo make some sort of “lie detector” using this.

  3. It says that the information is relayed back to the game, but why? Does it affect the game play somehow? Quite honestly, I’m not only skeptical, I’m concerned. I’m not sure I want an accessory that keys into my body in any way.

  4. Possibilities are endless. Like, if it detects a high pulse rate, then it could simulate an adrenaline rush in games, or in horror games that use sanity scores like the Call of Cthulhu games, having a scare could have a stronger effect on your in-game character.

    Still, I’d rather it wasn’t clamped to my finger.

  5. The Nintendo Air Displacer! Your characters sexuality depends entirely on the amount of air displaced when you see some of that hot man-candy on the screen!

    … I’m a genius. *patents*

  6. @Karoken – I lol’d.

    This seems like another gimmick I never particulary wanted on a games console – but clearly there is a market for this sort of stuff. I’d rather they spent the time working on some excellent nintendo games, but there you go.

  7. This Nintendo Wii Pulse thing sounds pretty cool. It looks exactly like the one you would wear when you are an patient in a hospital. With that being said, I think that this miniature device can cost a lot…Might have a recall, lol, someone might burn their finger!!

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