Xbox Live “Trash Talkers”

Xbox Live “Trash Talkers”

This article is based on my thoughts and experiences and is dedicated to anyone who has experienced or who has been a victim of  Trash Talking.

Ever had a random person just shout at you down that head set of yours for your accent, the way you play, the way you talk? Then you my friend have been a victim of the ever growing trend on Xbox Live known as “trash talking” so take a deep breath.

Trash talking is basically a form of boast or insult that opposing teams would hurl at each other when in a competitive situation such as a clan match between two clans. Normally trash talking is just used to intimidate the opposing team in order to maybe put them off the game but you can also use this for just the laughs to lighten up the spirit of a match (especially if you’re losing, big time.)

It comes as no surprise to me that now trash talking is some what “evolving” on Xbox Live, by evolving I mean now players who are on your team will most probably insult you (especially if you have an accent that the insulter considers bizarre or weird.) Also the word “trash talking” on  Xbox live has slightly changed meaning  due to those high pitched children who have somehow persuaded their parents into letting  them use the service, what they will most probably do is pretend they are older than you, despite their “squeakiness” and say the up most daft sayings such as: “oh my God! You stupid kid!” or they might just be screaming down the head set constantly for fun, but probably the most annoying for me would be this one: “Oh my God! You  suck, I could probably own you in real life because I’m probably older than you” (but with alot more cursing in the process) and then just rant on about their “coolness.”

I was kind of seeing this coming, think about it, if you gave a child the ability to talk to people across the world in the safety of their own home, and never being able to see the person on the other end, eventually that child would make fun out of those people that he/she communicates with.

Once you have been with the Xbox Live service for a while, you will get used to it eventually and you will learn to just stay in a Xbox Live Party with your friends and avoid  insult  which will make your experience with Xbox Live a bit less of a pain, but no one should be made to put up with it, sure you can mute people but still, why is the community so full of hate? If you ask me, I think that quite a small proportion of the community needs to be back handed a few times and learn some manners.

I actually love Xbox Live’s services and what they have to offer, I don’t have a problem with that, just the darker side of the community.

A funny little video that shows what it takes to be a trash talker, although it is quite humorous, it displays a very true message.

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