WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 – Review

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 – Review

The WWE Smackdown vs. Raw franchise has stayed consistent in providing pro-wrestling fans a virtual battleground for the phony tough and the crazy brave. Pro wrestling may be said as fake, but the appeal is very real. It is a curious addiction that seems ludicrous, but we are afflicted in some strange manner anyway. That is the kind of appeal that the WWE games had counted on year after year in the console gaming market. This year is no different, including its trend of improving in some respects while stagnating in others.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is the best game of its kind right now. It follows the formula of near-perfect simulation of pro-wrestling in every conceivable way, as intended by Yuke’s, the developers of the franchise. This franchise has earned THQ its place in the sports genre, publishing every successful version of the game.

The singleplayer is quite extensive, which will keep you in the game for hours at a time. Training mode itself is a treat for experimentation, letting you test out your own attack combinations liberally. And of course, just like the previous titles, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 is a great treat in versus mode. The formula has definitely been improved in this version, just like in the previous versions.

However, the best thing about this game is the customization. You don’t just get to play as Triple H or the Undertaker, but also your very own character with his own special moves and style. While this feature is also available in the previous games, this version has ramped it up significantly. Just like the Soul Calibur franchise, the degree of customization possible is quite deep. Almost every aspect of the custom character can be manipulated in almost any conceivable way you like, male or female. You can even make your own logos and tattoos and select your own combination of moves from its unbelievably extensive library.

There are a few qualms with it though. The biggest flaw, which is the bad sound effects, must have been retained from the earlier versions of the game as they are as weak as that from the PS1. You can also forget about playing online since the lag will make you tap out with frustration. Finally, they have not quickened the pace of the combat system. It does drag a bit once you really get into it. It isn’t exactly a 2D fighting game, but it still needs a bit more tempo. Perhaps making the wrestlers a bit less like golems will make things better. The targeting system is such that hitting your opponent takes quite a bit of luck.

Perhaps it still has the holes from previous titles, but it certainly has less of them. Maybe a few emails to THQ will have the next version debugged even further, but this year’s WWE game gives enough of a reason for you to buy it. Either you are a newbie or the guy who has a whole row of this franchise in your shelf, this game will certainly suplex your fancy. All console versions are equally awesome, while handheld and mobile versions will keep you entertained nonetheless.

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