World of Warcraft Movie Moves Forward

World of Warcraft gamers can rejoice. Not only has this video game franchise expanded to comics, novels and CCGs, the stalled plans to create a movie version is given a jolt today.

Evil Dead creator, director and fan-fave Sam Raimi signed on to direct the movie version and it may come out as early as 2012.

“I am thrilled to work with such a dynamite production team to bring this project to the big screen,” says Raimi.

The announcement came today by Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures. With Raimi’s track record in such works like Spiderman and Drag Me to Hell, to develop this multi-genre franchise for the big screen is exciting.

Charles Roven, who produced The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and the sci-fi classic 12 Monkeys, is also on board.

Fans can track the latest happenings through and continue reading here for the latest videogame to movie chronicles.

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  1. They have a big name to live up to with that project. I doubt they can compare to the fan-made vids that I see sometimes, like that one about the ninja looter and such. Ever seen those? Hilarious.

    I need to play WoW once I get some good internet. I need a solid MMO.

  2. Seriously? that is awesome news, the Cinematics for Blizzard games are always the best. I cant wait for a Warcraft movie to come out!

  3. Yes I agree with the elf costumes, this could be a blockbuster if they take the time to make it as interesting as the game. I was excited about Silent Hill when that became a movie and it was only so-so

  4. Considering how many people play WOW. If they create a movie this will be block buster. Silent hill was a big fallout specially some parts of the game was not there.

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