WoW gets an expansion..again?!

Okay are they serious? Make another expansion? Multiple sources from confirmed that the new expansion will be called WoW: Cataclysm. Nothing much is known about the expansion except that goblins will be a new playable race for the horde and worgans will be playable for the alliance. This was not confirmed by Blizzard but I wouldn’t really be shocked if it really is a new expansion. World of Warcraft has many followers and haters. It’s a money making machine which sticks to it’s formula because it works! However making a 3rd expansion? Blizzard is changing it’s tactics for products from making art to making massive games. Warcraft was once a unique universe that had a magnificent story filled with Orcs and humans. It got spiced up with various elves and the undead played a bigger role in the story which made that porridge just right. However Blizzard started to go a bit off topic as soon as it introduced spaceships, Dreni and such. Suddenly the porridge got too hot. Maybe this expansion will make the porridge just right again. Only Goldilocks knows.


I know I am a master at paint!

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  1. Another one? As if WoW didn’t have enough content already, but when you have paying customers and millions and MILLIONS rolling in, then you gotta make them happy don’t you?

  2. They will continue making expansions because Blizzard, like any other business, likes money.

    And I’m sure that all of you know at least one person who plays WoW. They basically HAVE to get the expansions, or they’re left behind in all the raids and lootz and various things. Such a good cash cow.

  3. Not again!!! (no offense to dedicated players) But honestly!!! I am so done with it. Varus, you are so right! THEY do HAVE to get the expansions. My brother always nags me about getting it for him…vexes me so much!! WHy Blizzard, why?

  4. ive played WoW for a while, and i can honestly say i dont mind new expansions, the only problem is when they half ass it or make it unbalanced or ruin the game COUGH WotLK COUGH. Theres nothing wrong with content, they just need to make sure they put in more development time instead of making it like the last expansion.

  5. Ha! Already?! Despite the fact that there has recently been an expansion, I’m pretty sure all of the “fans” (I’ll just call them fans here) will be jumping off their seats.

  6. If its true then i really love Blizzard. Its one of my favorite games and one of the best strategic games ever made. But the map DOTA of WOW is something u should really go for if u havent tried it yet. Incomparably extraordinary…

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