WoW gets an expansion..again?!

WoW gets an expansion..again?!

Okay are they serious? Make another expansion? Multiple sources from confirmed that the new expansion will be called WoW: Cataclysm. Nothing much is known about the expansion except that goblins will be a new playable race for the horde and worgans will be playable for the alliance. This was not confirmed by Blizzard but I wouldn’t really be shocked if it really is a new expansion. World of Warcraft has many followers and haters. It’s a money making machine which sticks to it’s formula because it works! However making a 3rd expansion? Blizzard is changing it’s tactics for products from making art to making massive games. Warcraft was once a unique universe that had a magnificent story filled with Orcs and humans. It got spiced up with various elves and the undead played a bigger role in the story which made that porridge just right. However Blizzard started to go a bit off topic as soon as it introduced spaceships, Dreni and such. Suddenly the porridge got too hot. Maybe this expansion will make the porridge just right again. Only Goldilocks knows.


I know I am a master at paint!

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