Sims 3 World Adventures: First Impressions

At last, Sims 3 World Adventures has finally seen the light of day, which means fans of this long running series will hardly see any light of day for the rest of this year.

The exception will be the fans who are not receiving their copy until Christmas day.

I know it’s unfair. These guys have had to wait with the rest of us and now they have to wait yet another month before they can get to play it! Can you imagine how some fans will be come Christmas day?  Some fans, I suspect, will be savage when tearing away at the snowman and snowflake chequered Christmas paper. Then they’ll probably bite at the cellophane wrapping which follows…

It is perhaps cruel, but nowhere near as cruel as Sim fans can be to themselves.

Play World Adventures now and you won’t even think about Christmas, let alone the associated shopping errands that come with it. I am writing from raw experience; so raw that I am not done experiencing it. Now I have installed World Adventures, it seems as if I no longer function like a healthy human being.

Rather than thinking things like How many days left until Christmas? Who deserves a gift from me this year? and Who gets what? I’m thinking What shall I include in my newly created basement? How many martial arts skill points are needed before I can start tackling mummies? And, in my opinion, the most important question of all: Where are those pesky red assassin bugs?

To fans in the getting-it-as-a-Christmas-present position; cease suffering. Enjoy the run up to Christmas. Enjoy the repeats of the Coca Cola lorry doing its annual round on the telly. Begin your Christmas shopping and enjoy the month long, and comparatively relaxed, pace. And if you can, avoid opening that present on Christmas morning. Otherwise you’re going to enjoy those slices of Christmas turkey at the comfort of your PC.

So are first impressions good or bad? Good, I think. Though thinking about putting off my overall availability until Spring 2010 is most definitily bad. Does having a notable Sims addiction mean you’re playing a good Sims expansion pack? This is hard to say because having a notable Sims addiction happens to me with EVERY Sims expansion pack. But some are better and more unique than others…

A review will follow. Possibly when I’m done building my wine (or “nectar” as it’s known in game; the non alcoholic version) cellar… Or when I’m done furnishing it… Or when I’m done crafting bottles for it… Or…

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