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Wolfenstein a rated Mature FPS for the PS3, 360 and PC was released this week. I was a huge fan of the Wolfenstein series, not any more. Now, I’m not saying this game is terrible but playing it isn’t an enriching experience. When I saw early screens of this game in 2004 I was very excited that the Wolfenstein franchise was making a comeback. The people at Id where hyping this game up like Peter Molyneux, does with his Fable games, maybe even more.
The New Face Of ID?

The New Face Of ID?

However as you may have guessed this game does not live up to expectations, yes it has a variety of weapons and yes it does feature a storyline that is pretty good and feels a bit like the Hellboy films but it is plagued with bugs. For example, load times are atrocious, the AI are dummer than a sack of hammers and the graphics just are not that great.


Remember playing Final Fantasy Seven and watching the wonderful cutscenes but having to suffer through the mediocre gameplay graphics, well then Wolfenstein will bring back memories except not even the cutscenes look too great. To put it simply this game’s graphics would be more fitting on the PS2, rather than next-gen consoles.

Wolfenstein’s audio doesn’t do anything to elevate the first person genre either, basically you get the same music in different tones, average voice acting and gunshots.

FPS games are notorious for their multiplayer components and this is the worst aspect of Wolfenstein. The graphics look like a pile of dung, the audio is practically nonexistent and there is little variety in game modes and class options.

However this games M rating is fitting, In single player you can use a multiple weapons to violently kill enemies, including blunt weapons like hammers and pickaxes. Also you can shoot out enemy AI’s jugulars, tear of their face with shells or mutilate them with a barrage of bullets.

This game’s tragic flaw is it’s open world structur. In this world we are plagued with loading times and the streets are filled with Nazi soldiers, as fun as this sounds it slows the game down considerably because by the time you reach your mission destination you are tired of killing enemies. I am a violent person and after playing this game for a few hours I have had to much bloodshed. To much repetitive violence kills Wolfenstein.


Overall if you are a fan of the games Id Software makes then you will be disappointed, this game has been in development for over 6 years and it is nearly impossible to believe how mediocre it is. I truly believed I would have an amazing summer game to play but I got another COD ripoff.

Anyways the Wolfenstein series may have reached it’s limit but one good thing came of this in that the media has been centred around Wolfenstein and as a result leaks of Doom 4 have not happened so now that Wolfenstein is released Id may start spilling some beans on Doom 4.

Anyways Wolfenstein is an alright game but defiantly not a worthy successor to the franchise so if you are curious about this game you should go rent it but it is not worth its $70 price tag.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Who puts hammers in a bag?

    Anyway, I was kinda looking forward to this. How long is it? Also when I saw that “the new face of ID?” picture I got scared for a second.

  2. I remember playing one of the Wolfenstein games on the PC when I was just a “kid”, I only ever played multiplayer though… ( I could barely reach the desk)

  3. Yeah, it’s not sounding too great, and Wolfenstein did some awesome things to the FPS genre. Long loading times are borderline criminal in this day and age, and it was a serious downfall of Tomb Raider 2 (Which had very long loading times -AND- a very high difficulty).

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