Wii 2 Predictions from Square Enix Boss

Are Wii ready for the second generation of Nintendo’s highly successful game console? Yoichi Wada, the boss of Square Enix, thinks so. He believes it will become available in 2011 and it will have an all-new motion controller and high definition output capabilitiy.

Motion controllers are the coming thing and Wada says motion sensor technology is fantastic. “I think it will become a standard,” he concludes.

During E3, Nintendo Japan’s president, Satoru Iwata unveiled the Wii Vitality Sensor, a device that will monitor gamer’s pulses as they play. This can lead to some interesting development for exercise and adrenaline based games.

What's next for the future?
What's next for the future?

Microsoft and Sony are scrambling to develop their own motion sensors for their platforms, the Xbox 360 and PS3, in order to follow up on the success Nintendo is having.

In the works by Sony is an update to their EyeToy camera which debuted in 2003. The updated version will also include a wand-like device. They are projecting a release date of Spring 2010.

In the Microsoft side, Project Natal is more than just another video sensor. It sports motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition abilities. This device is expected to be released in late 2010.

With a highly anticipated and wide release of various motion sensing devices, there should be no surprise to expect Nintendo to up the ante with the Wii 2. As for what it will be, perhaps the Holodeck technology from Star Trek : The Next Generation will be coming sooner than later when following Moore’s Law to the letter.

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