When Games and Films Collide

Established Australian actor Shane Jacobson (Kenny, 2006) and his team of film creators are currently working on a new movie which will involve live action performances on top of game generated backdrops. The film will be classified as a MOGIE or ‘Movie Over Game Integrated Entertainment’ and it will be the first official film of its kind. Titled Mordy Koots in Blazing Angels: Clouds of Fear and will be released at the end of this year. The background content will be taken from the Ubisoft game Blazing Angels and the film is set to star Jacobson inside a model cockpit, dog fighting over the selected game sceneries.koots1

In an interview with Cut Print Review‘s Anders Wotzke, Jacobson explained more about this new venture of his and what people can expect from it; “They won’t be playing the game with me in it. That game exists already, and people can play it. What we’ve done is film me in a little fighter plane cabin, and all the backgrounds – instead of getting someone to CGI in the background like they did in Star Wars – we’ve used the background from the game. Anyone that knows the world of gaming, like you and I probably do, know that in games like Grand Theft Auto you can drive around the streets and stop. In Blazing Angels, we get say “ok, we want to film with that background”, and can literally use the view you get in the game as a camera angle. We can then chroma-key live action into the background.”

The process of chroma-key involves the layering of image or video material together by filtering out the colour in one of the images. This technique is commonly performed using a bluescreen or a greenscreen. This is the same process that is used with most weather forecast broadcasts where the presenter will stand in front of a bluescreen and only the audience is able to see the computerised map.

Somehow I don’t see the film maintaining its appeal for an extended period of time and would be best left to a shortish length. I do however think that it is an interesting and exciting idea and it could potentially stimulate a new era of film making and encourage game involvement in other forms of media. Regardless of whether the film turns out to be a success, I am curious to see the results.

To check out the film’s progress check out the website here.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. MORDY KOOTS actually is in a series of Byte Sized episodes of 10 x 3 minutes in the first series. This is released Nov 16, 2009 on ninemsn. The teaser trailer on http://www.mordykoots.com is 3 min long, so that’s about what you can expect.

    As for a feature-length film “in game,” what about SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW?

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