Ultima Online goes Gargoyle

Ultima Online goes Gargoyle

Long time fans of Electronic Art’s Ultima MMORPG franchise will see an 8th expansion pack set for September 8th release. Titled Ultima Online : Stygian Abyss, current subscribers can participate in an open beta from August 14th to the 23rd, allowing them to preview the game by logging in the Retribution server on the server selection screen.

With devoted fans around the world, players can now make Gargoyle characters, fly around and explore new areas like Ter Mur, the homeland of these mythic creatures. The expansion also includes new skills, pets, craftables, items and housing design tiles. Sounding like it has aspirations similar to Disney’s Gargoyles, the two are not related. Crafting Gargoyle items will require the use of granite because these creatures are very fond of stone.

The Stygian Abyss itself is described as the largest, most complex dungeon ever introduced. This vast dungeon will have new boss creatures, like the Medusa, Primeval Lich and Stygian Dragon that players will have to eventually face. When that is not enough, there are player versus player zones for gamers to access.
This expansion requires the original Ultima Online game and that is available as a free download through http://www.uo.com or http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss

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