Undead Labs Working on Zombie MMO

The newly-formed Seattle-based Undead Labs is working on making one of my biggest dreams come true – a massively multiplayer online zombie game, or an MMOZ, and for consoles, no less.

The official press release claims that the world doesn’t need more dragons, and I would agree. Some might say the same thing about zombies, given the abundance of recent undead gaming, but we still don’t have an awesome zombie MMO, a genre that many think is perfect  for the setting. And yes, I am one of those people.

“Every time I see a good zombie movie with friends, we spend days debating our strategies for surviving the zombie apocalypse,” said Strain. “The police station, or the supermarket? Garden rake, or staple gun? Bach, or the White Stripes? I’m a game developer, so I’d probably be useless for anything other than ghoul bait, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to build an MMOZ that lets us put those strategies to the test and find out for sure.”

That was a quote from Jeff Strain, the developer who formed Undead Labs, and an MMO veteran who’s worked on some of the biggest games in the genre, including Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.

If you share my enthusiasm, check out the entire press release and please express your excitement in the comments below.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. If this is good, it might be the first MMO to make me pay those dumb monthly fees. And who said there are too many zombie games? If anything, there aren’t enough! Zombies are fuckin’ awesome, and I can only think of a handful of zombie games to come out. Killing floor, left 4 dead, dead rising, um, stubbs the zombie (great game), and a few other shitty ones. Either way, you can’t have enough zombies!

  2. This does indeed sound very promising. Personally, I love fantasy MMO’s…but who can say no to zombies.

    Seriously, how can you say no to those adorable decomposing faces?

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