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Now every once in a while there is a game that spits in the face of a big shot company and says they can come up with a better product. Two Worlds was the end result of a collision of bodily fluids. Two Worlds had hoped to be the little train engine that could but ended up failing miserably. Upon Two worlds release the developers hyped up the game so much they said it would be better than Oblivion, well lets just say that did not happen. In fact it takes a really special kind of person to call Two Worlds a great game.

However I was one of the few who thought the game was gonna live up to the hype. Anyways my thoughts are now that the first game has passed the second one must be good. Right? Well it doesn’t look like that is going to happen you see the first trailer for the game has been released and omg the in game graphics look terrible, the sound is garbage and the overall trailer dose not have a wow factor.

Anyways check out the trailer. Hopefully this is all early footage that will be modified but I have to say, if this game is anything like the first it will leave a terrible taste in your mouth.
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  1. Oblivion wasn’t the best role playing game.. Oblivion was just as overhyped. Two Worlds was actually a Gothic clone. And no one said it will be bigger than Oblivion or any massive RPG. Anyway the trailer looks decent. The models are a bit rubbish but it was interesting.

  2. holy crap your not kidding me, Joar the trailer looks like junk.. poor graphics on the characters, choppy running and fighting to say the least. I had to watch it twice just to make sure my eyes where ok 😉

  3. I was trying to stay positive. It does look bad, but let’s not judge the game by it’s trailer. Focusing on the nice parts: the CG was nice, the story looked decent.. I am willing to give Reality Pump another chance.

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