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Platformers have always been a console thing. One of the very first genres of video games to exist and achieve success, it also languished as time passed and new genres came to be more popular in recent years like fighting games, RPG’s, and so on. Perhaps it was meant to die a slow and quiet death, but developers refuse throw in the towel. They tried a lot of things with it, including improvements like making it 3D, reviving old popular characters, new storylines, new combat systems and weapons, and so on. However, for whatever reasons beyond them, they don’t hit as well as they expected. Soon enough, the platformer genre was relegated to the nostalgia department. Whatever classic platformers that still enjoy renewal today have been converted into third-person action games. Such a sad fate suffered by this still-exciting genre indeed.

Perhaps a way to return it to relevance is to stay faithful to its roots while still giving it some new skin. While this has been attempted time and time again, it still has not had the treatment it really deserves. It did gain some ground with this title, which has a lot of potential in bringing a new audience to the platformer genre since it is released first for the PC. Platformers released for the PC so far have enjoyed some success, but they had followed the same formula as their console counterparts. Such a shame really as they could have added more spice earlier on as Trine has received now. It is a game that has breathed new air into the platformer genre, although not too much since its just a good game, but not that big.

It still has gameplay that makes you think and not just have your fingers twitching at the controls. You use not one, but three characters interchangeably as a certain situation calls for. If you need to get to a higher place or shoot enemies from afar, you use the thief with her bow and grappling hook. If you need to take your time to reach a difficult place, then use the wizard and his magic. If you just need to destroy enemies in your path, then the knight can do his job pretty well. The levels themselves are challenging with many puzzles that will get you thinking. As you progress through each level, you can pick up experience potions for you to level up and gain new abilities for any of the three characters.

But the best thing about it is the physics, which makes everything cooler and more challenging. This has got to be the first major platformer than actually has the feature, and that multiplies the games appeal tenfold. It really makes the gameplay much more dynamic as objects bounce when they fall and get off-balanced when not on a stable surface. The wizard faces challenges with the physics as he creates a box to settle on or a ramp to bridge gaps. This cool feature is the centerpiece of Trine.

Finishing it is definitely worth the time as you will enjoy every minute of it. The story is engaging, yet with a classic touch of fantasy. Boss fights are also engaging, making you step up your game a bit in trying to defeat it to get past that level. Solid game that is memorable, it is still good to play even if it isn’t one of those innovative juggernauts. Any criticism can’t be sustained for long as the charm of this title will keep you from hating it for long. This platformer has done the genre justice.

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