Treyarch Brings out The Ban Hammer

*Treyarch Headquarters*

“Sir, people have started to “hack” our game.”

“Bring out my hammer, I’m goin’ to ban some hackers!”

Treyarch have released a statement on their website informing the public of their new ” zero tolerance” rule regarding the recent Call of Duty: World at War hackers:

“In light of these recent events, I’d like to make something abundantly clear to the community: Treyarch has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards console hackers / modders. We are actively working with our console partners (Microsoft and Sony) to take action against all proven offenders, up to and including a complete ban from all of their online services. Our number one priority is to protect the experience of our online gaming community (most of you reading this message), and the efforts of console hackers / modders directly target the community in a negative way.”

Treyarch then informed that if anyone wishes to mod the game, they should do it on the PC version, where it is welcomed, and encouraged. Furthermore into the statement, Treyarch then warned all hackers/buggers:

” For those of you that are currently modding or are considering modding your console, this message should serve as a warning; for those of you looking to enjoy a safe and fun online experience, please be reassured by it – console hacking is illegal, and will not be tolerated. We are working hard to maintain a pure, fun online experience for upstanding players, and thank you for your ongoing support.”

I like how Treyarch have taken action quickly; however, it has led me to believe that they were expecting this. But nonetheless, Treyarch are serious about their warnings, and they will ban any player caught hacking or modding on the console versions of their game. Please note that if you get caught hacking/modding the game, not only will you be banned from the online part of the game, you will also be banned from Xbox Live or PSN, depending on which console you have modded.

Read the full statement here.

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  1. hmm interesting. I think they have the right to ban users if they break the rules especially if its affecting the game play of other users in a negative way (and whats this “action” they are talking about.. who are they the RIAA?). On the other hand I know console modding is frowned upon.. but is it actually illegal? this issue has been brought up many times that if your buy a piece of hardware can the vendor actually put a restriction that makes it “illegal to modify”? or can they simply just void all warranty? maybe the laws are different in each country regarding this topic.

  2. To answer your question about the legality of modding, laws vary based on the country. In most Western countries, it is illegal to sell modchips, to pirate games, and to sell pirated games.

    Of course, modding a 360 is against the terms of service and Microsoft has been automatically permabanning anyone who mods a 360 and tries to sign onto Xbox Live for years.

  3. Though I’m not big on illegalizing the modding of consoles since I have a “I can do what I like with what I buy if I’m using it myself” policy on anything I put money down for, I do agree with their stance on this completely.

  4. Hey Harry remember me from Canons? Nice article its a shame I never see news from this website on N4G gratz on getting a “job” though.

  5. i agree, hackers/modders ruin the game experience for everyone. I mean yeah, theres nothing wrong with wanting to explore the game a bit more and take it past the set boundaries, but they already said they can do that and are ENCOURAGED to do that on PC, so i dont really see the problem. Bring down teh banhammair!

  6. Yeah, like Karoken said, there are only two reasons people mod consoles: to hack online multiplayer games, or to illegally pirate games. (usually both)

    Unlike on the PC, there is no legitimate reason to mod a console. That’s why the sale of modchips is illegal in the first place.

  7. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, Tobi. On word press it says that I spelt it “Treyarch”, but for some reason it comes out as the incorrect way, maybe I didn’t post up the right draft, but thanks for pointing it out anyway.

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