Touch KO Review

Touch KO Review

Platform– iPhone
Developer– Chillingo Ltd.
Release date– July 25, 2009
Price– $2.99
Average Rating– 4/5

Touch KO for the iPhone is a very impressive boxing game, featuring realistic graphics, tons of customization options, and a simple control scheme. Chillingo Ltd. is known for making quality games, and this title is no exception. Right from the main screen you will notice how nice the graphics are, and that you’re listening to real licensed music. This is one game that easily stands out from others in the genre.

Starting a new game lets you choose to create a profile to track scores online, or sign in as a guest. After a tutorial explaining the controls and HUD, you can choose to either start quick play, or a career. Quick play puts you right into a match. where career lets you create a new boxer. Customization is very extensive, from tattoos to trunks, you control it all. Winning fights earns you cash to buy even more options.


Before playing this game, I was worried about how the controls would work on a touch screen, but after the helpful tutorial, I had no problems at all. Tap the right side of the screen to jab right, and left to jab left. Blocking is as simple as touching both sides at once. For hooks, just slide your finger in the desired direction. My only complaint with the controls is that there is no way to do body shots. After you knock out an opponent and see the slow-mo replay however, this won’t bother you as much.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the graphics. The character models are very realistic for a cell phone game, and I experienced no frame rate issues. I wouldn’t suggest playing it on a first or second gen device though, because you may notice a slowdown in animations.

The AI in a game like this is crucial, and unfortunately this is one area that Touch KO falls short in. The other fighters just seem too easy, being beaten in the first round by a knock out. Progressing through the 30 plus fights to become champion may only take a few hours. Chillingo has addressed this problem and plans to offer an expert mode in a future update.

Touch KO for the iPhone in it’s current state makes for cheap, fun entertainment, but not a lot of depth. Customization gives this game replay value, and the simplicity of fighting keeps you coming back for more. All things considered, picking this title up at such a low price won’t leave you disappointed.

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