Top Xbox 360 Case Mods Of 2009

Top Xbox 360 Case Mods Of 2009

With the holiday season and new year fast approaching some gamers want more than a game that changes their perception of reality; they want a case mod. Boasting possibly the biggest gaming crowd in history, the Xbox 360 has become one of the most case modded consoles out their. On a daily basis new modifications pop up on the web.

I have made it my duty to scour the web and bring you a collection of some of the best looking Xbox 360 case mods out there.

Please note that not all of these case mods were created in 2009.

To start off, there are some groundbreaking franchises that fans adore and as a result these fans warp their consoles in the image of those games. Now it is pretty obvious that the Xbox 360 is home to many of these games.

First here are the best Xbox 360 case mods based on the Halo series:







Best Case Mods based On The Gears of War Series:

1.gears-of-war-62.gears_11-7533183.GoW Case 0044.gears360mod

Best Case Mods based On Other Popular Games:



Best Case Mods Based On Films:


1st place for


Most Technological Case Mod:



Most Artistic Case Mod:




4. xbox_360_75.FD3ES41FT7PKW6W.MEDIUM

Best Case Mods:




So, those are undeniably some of the best case mods of 2009. Please note the Twilight one did not win in any category (that was just a joke) but if you are a fan of Twilight it is still a pretty good case mod. If you don’t like the picks feel free to post links and picks in the comment section of your favourite case mods.

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