Top 5: Playstation 3 Adverts

Sony really does have a weird advertising strategy when it comes to their Playstation 3. If you’ve seen even one advert, you know what I mean.

The adverts are obviously showing off certain features in each, but it’s done in, what can only be described as by, a strange way.

To celebrate Sony’s weird advertising strategy (what?), I’ve decided to name my top 5 Playstation 3 adverts.

So, without further or do, here is my personal “Top 5: Playstation 3 Adverts”.

5. Playstation 3 Eggs:

At number 5 we have Playstation 3 Eggs. This advert shows off the Sixaxis Wireless Controller. Sounds like a simple advert to make, place a group of people to play on the Playstation 3, making sure it’s a game that looks fun using the Sixaxis controller, hmm.. Let’s say a racing game, and try and show off the turning as much as possible. That’s not what Sony had in mind though…

Instead, what they’ve done is placed the Playstation 3 in a white room, gathered a few, what appear to be, eggs, and show the Sixaxis controller hover and turn, making the eggs do the same. Okay, it doesn’t sound that strange does it?

Watch the video below, and you’ll see the “strange” part of the advert.


4. The PS3 Price Drop Announcement:

In at number 4 we have the official advert that Sony released across America confirming the PS3 price cut that had been rumoured for months. The advert shows a man trying to find out about the PS3 price drop rumour by talking to a man working on the price cut.

There are two versions of the advert. The reason for this is because in the uncensored version the man makes a remark about how there are no Nigerian millionaires, and that anyone who is, is a criminal. This sparked outrage across the world.

The censored version now has another joke, this time about World War I.Below you will see both censored and uncensored versions:





3. The Baby:

The baby commercial is… Well, different. Not only does it make you look behind you for floating PS3’s, but it’s probably one of the adverts that make little to no sense.

Basically, the Playstation 3 is again in a white room, this time with a baby doll, who is moving. The baby starts to laugh, and soon the voice deepens and his facial expression begins to change. The baby then begins to cry. The camera then begins to zoom into the baby’s eyes. It’s believed that you can see game play of Killzone 2, or another First-Person Shooter. The Playstation 3 then begins to float.


2. “The PS3’s Cell Processor Can Solve a Rubik’s Cube”.

This advert comes in at number 2 for the message that it delivers, “Smart Processor”. What Sony has done here is place the PS3 in yet another white room, this time with a Rubik’s Cube. Again, the advert doesn’t clearly show “how” it’s better, it just gives off a cheesy, but at the same time smart way of showing the message.


So, before we get into number 1, let’s just take a moment to reflect. Sony have used eggs, a baby doll, Crows, floating controllers, a floating PS3, white rooms, and a Rubik’s cube. All those things are starting to hurt my head, so, for number 1 I’ve decided to place an advert which I find to be “actually showing something about the PS3 without any hidden messages/scary babies”.

1. Universe of Entertainment:

This advert has earned top spot for its creativity, the fact that it makes sense, and that it really shows all the features of the PS3.


So, there you have it, my top 5 list of PS3 adverts. If you think that an advert should be higher/lower in the list, let your voice be heard.

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  1. Yeah, it seems like they’ve been going for a kinda ‘mysterious’ approach to make people wonder what the PS3 is and whatnot. Like what’s so different about this system?

  2. Well, their goal is to get people talking and creating buzz. Buzz is usually a good thing, so I’d say that from that perspective, their weird campaigns certainly seem to work because here we are, talking about it! :]

  3. The only this Sony needs to do to advertise the PS3 these days is play the trailer for Uncharted 2. That has made me want to buy a PS3 far more than any of their actual ads.

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