[Top 5] Guitar Hero Clones

[Top 5] Guitar Hero Clones

Guitar Hero is a worldwide phenomena. Unfortunately, the game is rather costly. Of course there’s always a way around things. This is where the Guitar Hero clones tune in. While they might not be better than Guitar Hero, they are just as good. This is a small list i made from personal experience.

-All the games are free
-All the games are PC exclusive

5. Unsigned


Unsigned is a 3d Guitar Hero clone that looks quite good actually(except for the models :-( ) The song database is rather poor, but the authors keep adding more. Otherwise the game copies Guitar Hero exactly without changing a single thing(which is a minus).

4. RockFree


RockFree is a flash Guitar Hero clone published by Acclaim(you know them). The game offers you the chance to model your very own rocker(2d), visit(and own) clubs and make your dream band. There is also an option to upload your own songs to the large database of songs uploaded by other users. Sounds nice. Of course, not everything is perfect. To upload a song you need to streak it first, and some songs(most) are completely bugged and keep changing volume depending on your actions. The game is nice, otherwise.

3. Frontman(a.k.a Guitar Zero)


Frontman is a 3d Guitar Hero clone. The great thing about it are it’s modding features. The community offer you several mods that can make the game look like Guitar Hero 2,3 and 4 and Rock Band 1 and 2. It also offers mods such as drums. There are also lots of songs making Frontman a perfect Guitar Hero alternative.

2.Jam Legend


The dream Guitar Hero MMO. It offers tons of songs(all licensed), dueling friends, even uploading your own song. The game also offers several modes for playing a song and the author keep working on adding more. All this in your browser. The game even awards you experience for playing songs and leveling up. A great game, indeed.

1. Frets On Fire


Who doesn’t know Frets on Fire? Not only it has the most mods, is the best looking and has the largest songs database, but it even lets you streak your own songs and download songs from the net. The perfect Guitar Hero clone!

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