[Top 5] Atmospheric games

Do keep in mind that this Top 5 was made by and thus – it’s my top 5. My Top 5! Muahaha! Which means – my opinions.

5. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

If Oblivion lacked one thing – it’s the mystical atmosphere of it’s predecessor. That’s the thing i disliked most about the game. Why, Bethesda.. Why? Ah.. i remember the first time i got fucked up by a cliff racer without even noticing.. Of course i got my game face on and started running like hell. Morrowind definitely was atmospheric.

4. Half Life

11 years have passed since the bastards from Valve showed the game industry how to make games. Half Life is a game that gets under your skin so much, that no matter how much you scratch – you can never get it off. The amazingly well told story also helped the game reach the gamer’s hearts. Not to mention the multiplayer.. 🙂

3. Gothic(1 and 2)

2002.. I remember skipping school because of Gothic 1. Super hardcore, super amazing, super atmospheric. Lots of locations , great fantasy, great role-playing system, a choice that determined the entire game and.. the atmosphere.. the fucking atmosphere. So brutal, yet so beautiful. Just makes you want more and more!

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

Stalker is so atmospheric that i’ve actually refused meals because of it. Who can forget the most complex Ukraine game ever. You could just go on for hours listening to the NPC’s talking(in russian) or the guy playing guitar or the bloodsucker coming at ya. 😛 The game had everything you want in an FPS – it had a great arsenal, it had different weather effects that affected the gameplay, it had weird stuff, it had horror, it had.. atmosphere.

1. Fallout(1 and 2)

No way! Fallout.. There was a time when the RPG genre was pretty much dead. Then god gave us the two studios we pray at every night before bed. I’m talking about Bioware and Black Isle. Those two kept making RPG revolutions and kinda set a standard for every role playing game. While Bioware were most popular with they’re Baldur’s Gate series, Black Isle decided to go a different way. And so they released Fallout – the game that showed everyone how to make rich worlds witch atmosphere, choices and radiation. The post apocalyptic world of Fallout was so real that i had to sleep with my lights on.. I was 8 years old after all. Blah.. you just don’t see games like that nowadays..

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  1. The immersive games, be it in atmosphere or otherwise, are the ones that turn out to be the best. Oblivion being an example, that’s not your usual “Go north and kill the big bad” game, it’s “Here’s a general idea of what to do, now, get to it!”

    Persona 4 is pretty immersive once you get into all the social links. If you try and do as many as you can in one playthrough, you get a crapload more satisfaction out of the game.

  2. I found Dead Space to be quite atmospheric for a while. I say “for a while” because the atmosphere that they designed was built on tension and that tension came from not knowing what was going to happen or seeing just plain strange things happening. This kind of lost its edge on the second play through because the game was highly scripted.

    The most memorable part for me was walking down a dark corridor and hearing this loud banging sound only to walk around the corner and see a man, covered in his own blood, banging his head against the wall until he drops dead in front of you. Creepy shit.

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