Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games

ABC news decided to show us the top 10 games that crossed the line in terms of violence, sexual themes and everything else, that you love doing but can’t. So, without further ado,here’s the list.

1. Rendition: Guantanamo
2. Six Days in Fallujah
3. Faith Fighter
4. RapeLay
5. Miss Bimbo
7. Manhunt 2
8. Super Columbine Massacre RPG
9. JFK Reloaded
10. Postal

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  1. I wonder why the Japanese dating sim Yume Miru Kusuri wasn’t listed. I mean, one of the datable girls is a delirious and unstable drug addict (and is horny as Hell), one other route involves depiction and use of drugs (As well as knocking her up and getting her pregnant), and my favorite route ends in Aeka strangling her tormentor half to death.

    The only real controversial one on that is RapeLay, but then again, it did come from Japan. Anyone that has an interest in eroge (like me) knows that Japan can put out some pretty messed up stuff.

    (Rendition: Guantanamo was canceled by the way)

  2. I’m saying it can be PERCEIVED (not by me) similarly, anyway my mind is on WW2 right now so I had trouble thinking of any other examples I just saw an amzing film called the boy in the striped pyjamas. The main people who accused it of being racist are the mainstream media not games journalists the same media thay condones GTA because it “encourages” murders. The whole racism thing and RE5 was kinda stupid if you ask me, some idiot who knew barely anything about games saw a white man killing poor helpless black villagers and screamed RACIST. Blown way out of proportion.

    Seriously though you should see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas epic film IMO, btw are you Jewish Harry?

  3. “I’m half black and I think its ridiculous especially since Capcom actually put loads of Caucasian, Asian, etc people deep in Africa just to seem less racist.”

    That statement above shows that you do find RES racist, but now you’re saying it’s not, maybe a change of heart in this next statement?

    “The whole racism thing and RE5 was kinda stupid if you ask me, some idiot who…”

    And no, I’m not Jewish, I’m a Christian. Why would you think that…because of the phrase “similar to a fight between religions?”?

  4. No I was curious I wasn’t about to use it against you or anything, it had nothing to do with that comment that’s why I put it in a seperate paragraph. And when I said “I’m half black and I think its riduculous” I meant that I thought the allegations of racism were riduculous coming from the perspective of somebody who would supposedly be offended by RE5 hence the reference to my heritage. Furthermore I also though that it was riduculous that they would they would put caucasian, hispanic, asian, etc people in a game set in Africa (as a reaction to the claims of racism), don’t take this the wrong way but I doubt the ratio of black to everyone else is anywhere near what was shown in RE5.

    Now can we please stop the hostilities I didn’t mean to start an argument, sorry if I offended you in anyway :).

  5. Don’t worry, you haven’t offended me in anyway at all. And sorry if I had seemed to be a bit “hostile” on you, I sometimes do that during a “debate” ( if you considered this little shenanigan a debate).

    I can see how the inclusion of caucasian, hispanic and asian may have fuelled haters of the game and recruited more.

    Heh, I’m also sorry. Such a weird way for such a good debate to end. 😛

  6. Yeah, BTW what do you play on? Because I got a message saying you sold your 360 and all your games, are you a PC or ps3 gamer?

  7. Heh, I sold EVERYTHING in England (actually, I gave most of it away).

    So, at the moment it’s just PC and laptops, but I don’t play games on either of them.

    Once I start school I’m expecting a few things.

  8. So… yeah…. Well, I don’t think GTA IV should have made the list. I know this is ABC’s list and not yours but GTA IV was tame and boring compared to the previous entries. But that’s just me. And where is Conker’s Bad Fur Day? haha!!

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