Tony Hawk Defends Ride

Tony Hawk: Ride, the latest game in the franchise and the one that utilizes the unique skateboard peripheral, has been receiving quite a thrashing from critics, but that negative backlash isn’t going to phase the man himself.

Talking to The Sudbury Star, Hawk blew off the notion that the skateboard controller, which has been the subject of most of the criticism, was too difficult to use.

“I don’t agree with people who say the board’s not responsive. I think that they’re just not giving it a fair shake. And I think a lot of them came into it with an attitude that it’s going to suck.”

Ride has been harshly panned, with a 48 on Meta Critic, which is already down three more points from when the Star posted their article. That said, I think that Tony Hawk makes a solid argument. The Ride board was weird and goofy before the game was even released, so he’s probably right when he says that gamers went into it with a negative attitude. Still, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t legitimately suck.

I haven’t played the game, and I’m not about to throw down $120 to do so, but I respect Tony Hawk for sticking to his guns.

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