THQ Throws Down Annual UFC Games

THQ president, Brian Farell announced during the company’s quarter financial call that Ultimate Fighting Championship video game adaptions will make their way onto the Nintendo Wii and multiple handheld platforms handheld. THQ also discussed plans to annualize the series due to the success of UFC 2009 Undisputed which has sold over 2.9 million units worldwide. Alongside with this it has been confirmed that THQ is working on a UFC game slated for release in early 2010. Farell went on to state that next years game will include new gameplay modes and features. He also expressed interest in growing the UFC gaming franchise by including the fact that THQ will attempt to increase international sales and bring the octagon to gamers around the year. When Farell was asked about the gameplay on the Wii during the question and answer portion of the event he duck out of answer most questions. However one things for certain, sometime in the near future UFC fans and gamers alike will be able to throw down in their homes and on the go with THQ’s upcoming UFC games.

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  1. Hey Dusty d! I see you’ve joined the team, welcome aboard! In all honesty I’m not a fan of wrestling games, but none the less, this article was certainly informative to all fans out there.

  2. I was a huge fan of UFC since the beginning and was just excited about the first UFC game that came out, unfortunately that game totally sucked and I haven’t played a UFC game since then 🙂

  3. Joedigital you need to play UFC 2009, I to have played the old UFC games and UFC 2009 blew them way the hell out of the water, this game is fricking awsome, mainly because the changed devolopers THQ.

  4. So true about the old UFC games they where less then impressive; on the other hand THQ is a great game company they have produced titles such as Red Faction, Dawn of war and WWE Smackdown vs RAW which was a pretty big hit for the wresting genre

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