Debate It: Downloadable Games, The Future Of Gaming?

Debate It: Downloadable Games, The Future Of Gaming?

“As you can tell, I don’t know alot about discs, at all.”

Gaming on discs, it’s what replaced those over-sized cartridges back in “the day”. It forever revolutionized gaming, allowing for more space, better quality games and to think that it can hold more data than those cartridges.

A couple of years back, Sony stunned us all by announcing “Blu-Ray” discs, capable of holding more space than any disc, quicker loading, and better looking games, I’m not an expert on discs and on how exactly they work, but I do know that Blu-Ray was technically better than what Microsoft used.

But quite recently, On-Live, a new name in the gaming industry, have been accused of “ending all games on discs”. On-Live, for those of you unaware, is a new face to the industry that boasts full retail games downloaded at speeds unimaginable to the public. But what’s most shocking is the amount of developers and publishers who have already decided to put their games on the service:  from EA, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Epic, Atari, Codemasters, Warner Bros. and Eidos will be avaliable on the service which include titles such as Crysis, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Burnout Paradise.

If you think about it, On-Live is not to blame at all, in fact they are just advancing from Xbox Live’s new service, Games on Demand.

Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service: It’s what really began it all, I know that Xbox Live’s Arcade does more or less the same thing, but this time the games that Arcade have to offer are older games that have been “ported” to the Xbox 360.   xbox-games-on-demand-580x326-525x295

Games on Demand is a service that allows users to download full retail Xbox 360 games, sounds good huh? Well, you might like the idea, but the thing that has caused so much debate about the service is the cost, boy, $60 for a two year old game in some parts of the world? No thanks.

So, with On-Live boasting free games, hot titles, and a speedy download “that you’ve never seen before”, will this service be the one to finally get rid of games on disks, thus beginning what Microsoft wanted to start, no more discs?

The below picture shows how simple it is: (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


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