The Moneyless Gamer 003: DUNGEON

Less a game than a mass experiment, Dungeon is nevertheless worth playing. I’m a bit afraid I don’t have the necessary reach here to get discussion rolling the way the game really needs, but there’s no way I can’t talk about it. Created by Swedish one-man prolific indie-game machine Jonathan Söderström (aka Cactus). Like Ed McMillen (remember Time Fcuk?), Cactus is one of those figures at the forefront of weird game experiences, and like Time Fcuk, this is a collaboration (in this case, with artist/games designer Arthur ‘Mr Podunkian’ Lee).Dungeon1The difficulty writing about this game is acknowledging that a trick is being played, without revealing what that trick is. I don’t know if Derren Brown and his Lottery Trick reached the wider world, but it’s sort of that kind of magic- you reveal that it was all done with CG and the interest slips away, but the viewer needs to know a trick is being pulled. because it could easily pass you by.

How much of what I say from here on out is true, and how much is necessary misdirection, you must decide yourself.

Dungeon is a simple, old-school side-scroller. It’s set in a dungeon, split into single-screen challenges, each named for a reason. It’s up to you to decipher its meaning. Part of that is telling me what you thought of it here, and a lot of it is ensuring not to Google for any clues. We’ll reconvene in a couple of days and try to solve this mystery together.

So, it is my challenge to you to finish this game. Some people seem to have difficulty with it but, honestly, it’s not even that hard. It’s only a couple of dozens screens long. What could be so tricky, huh?Dungeon2Get Dungeon here.

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