The Fourth Generation Consoles !!!

Do you ever get tired of your 360 over heating or are you in dire fear of the dreaded red ring ??? Do you ever ask yourself why cant I play some of the x-box 360 games on my PS3. Do you ever want to play Wii games but can’t afford the system. Wat if there was a way to solve all those problems and also bypass going to your local video game store to buy your favorite titles. The answer is the new four generation Consoles that are being worked on to break all the barriers of Gaming as we know it today.
As of now there are three On-demand based game platforms that are on the upraise and are in development.The three game platforms are Rearden Labs Onlive, L.A.’s playcast Media, and David Perry’s Gaikai. These game platforms use a couple of ways to to deliver these on-demand services. On-live and Gaikia uses the cloud or servers to stream out these on-demand games. Playcast media uses a cable or DSL’s high speed processing to deliver video games on demand.
Rearden Lab’s On-live game console has been in development for about seven years on there gaming service. There service is based upon servers or clouds based in north America that allow users(for a minor fee) to play games on demand from there PC or television.For the PC it uses a broadband connection to connect you to the sever so you can begin playing the games. On the television you would need to buy a small portable micro console which allows you to connect to the server.

Since the the games are streamed through the servers gamers are capable of pausing or rewinding and moments during game play to relive your astonishing moments,or showing off for your friends when you use the option to record. On-live also gives or gamers to view you as you play from there micro consoles for example if you was involved in a tournament they could watch you and your friends in real time game play as you beat your friends. On-live was first showcased at a E3 convention with spectators very impressed. On-live is currently taking sign-ups for a Summer 2009 beta test to help workout any kinks for the system. So sign up immediately !!
The playcast Media is the first fourth generation console that has reportedly released a pilot of their service through cable T.V. boxes without the use of game consoles. This will allow high-end games to be given through the cable’s service. This new technology will allow games to be shown as digital videos and will bring a whole new experience to people’s homes. This company is based in Israel and the beta test was taken in Israel but is planned to reach other markets such as the u.s. and Europe in the near future.
Gaikia is another cloud streaming service similar to
On-live. Based in L.A. Gaikia has a different type of mission. Unlike On-live the games aren’t being played from a remote server or cloud, rather Gaikia allows the technology from Perry’s venture to be used by game publishers ,so you will be able to play video games directly from their websites instead of a remote computer. Perry also brings out that the game window is smaller than the browser itself this lower resolution stream will reduce bandwidth needs. Which will allow computers with a weaker connection to still be able to stream these games. Games also will be able to be updated for the newest playable version since it comes directly from the publishers websites.  Perry says that Gaikai usually works with anything more than a 1Mb internet connection or even less .Gaikia main goals are to help reduce the cost of gaming, to grow video game audiences, to raise the revenue that publishers and developers can earn, and most importantly to make games accessible everywhere.
The main question about these game consoles are because of the streaming service will there be a lag on game play??? All of the three services say that there is no lag on there servers so we shouldn’t get any lag on our home consoles which is a very intrical part for such development for consoles.This could possibly be the end for all you gamers like myself who are in fear of the “red ring” on your 360’s or a scratched disc on your other consoles. Fourth Generation consoles are a look into the future of gaming as a Games-on-demand service which will mean more growth for the industry and a new way of opening up doors for all publishers and those who want to put a small investment in video game development,and will allow a affordable gaming experience to be brought to millions of people around the world.

 Onlive Gaming Console and Controller
Onlive Gaming Console and Controller

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  1. I think you mean 8th generation consoles didn’t start with the Playstation. I’m looking forward to On-live game streaming too it will really revolutionise gaming, as long as the connection has no lag then it will probably be incredibly successful.

  2. I heard about this project like three years ago, too many problems dealing with lag between the server running the game and transferring the image to your comp monitor. They say it’s been fixed to be near perfect but we’ll see. I’d love to try it out though, my comp isn’t game worthy and I don’t have the funds to shell out to make it so. My prediction, this won’t threaten console sales anymore then something like gamefly does.

  3. I’ve never heard of a game journalist, using words like “thru” or writting things like “So sign up immediately !!”. Seriously, read a few gaming articles from professional writters to get an idea on how to write.

  4. @ joar

    You’re right, it sounds like some crazy salesman “tired of your x-box getting the red rings??”

    ” Do you ever ask yourself why cant I play some of the x-box 360 games on my PS3.”

    And wait, this article has turned my brain into mush, is this an actual console, or something you plug into your computer?

  5. And yeah, Tobi is right, it’s not the 4th generation, it’s the 8th generation.

    The fourth generation of gaming began began on October 30, 1987, the “16-bit era”


  6. Of course I’m right, I’m always right and how did this guy get a “job” on this site, I could do a better job than him, his grammar and spelling are appalling. BTW Harry stop acting smart, googling “fourth generation consoles” and clicking the first link gave you that info didn’t it? Hehe Nobody outsmarts THE TOBI.

  7. Wow, that has to be the MOST snobbiest comment I’ve ever heard, I only looked for “when the 4th generation began”. I tend not to learn about the older generations at the moment as I am not too concerned about. In the journalist industry it’s all about research, making sure you’ve said the right thing, heck, you learn a lot of new things along the way. I was merely informing about how it’s wrong, to back up my argument, so if you don’t mind, please, just stick to posting comments topic related.

    No one likes a boaster, especially when they’re not as good as they’re making themselves out to be, especially when it’s in the journalist industry.

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