The death of PC’s?

The death of PC’s?

I, as a PC Gamer, am tired of every time a console releases something new and innovative that fanboys automatically entitle it “The Death Of PC’s”. I’ve heard this more than once(and more than a few hundred times) and i’m sick of it. When will people learn? So i decided to write this. It’s just a friendly(or not so friendly) wink on what exactly has the PC as a platform over consoles.

Games are written on a PC

You didn’t know that, did you? Shame on you. Even if it is a console game it’s still programmed, written and designed on a personal computer.

Online Gaming

Yes, consoles offer online gaming as well. But how many console MMORPG’s do you know of? 2-3? MMORPG are currently one of the most popular gaming genres.


It’s true that the PC’s biggest disadvantage is the fact, that you need to pay once every few months to update it’s hardware in order to play the latest games. But it’s also known that a beast PC can make games look alot better if it has the right(and expensive) hardware.

Real Time Strategies

Ever tried playing an RTS on a console? You almost died, right? The fact is, that one of the most popular gaming genres is almost entirely pc exclusive.

PC Stands for Personal Computer

And as such it’s not only a gaming platform. For the 5 years that i own a PC i’ve learned game development, programming, web design/coding, graphic design.. Imagine if i had gotten a console.

PC is alot more hardcore

Whether you like it or not, it is. Console games are released for a much larger audience and can’t afford being too hard. So yeah – pc games are more hardcore.

PC has alot more exclusive games

Again, whether you like it or not – the pc offers it’s players alot more exclusive games. Indie game developers aim almost entirely for the PC.. The fact is, that developing a PC game is alot cheaper than developing a console game.

By writing all of this i’m not saying “consoles suck, get a PC”. I’m simply saying that the PC has it’s advantages as well and shouldn’t be underestimated. Also, the next person that says “PC gaming is dying” is gonna get it big time.

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