SmackDown vs. Raw 2010: Grapple, Taunt, Create

Wrestling fans looking for the next entry in the SmackDown series need to look no further.  SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 is set for an October release, and THQ and developer Yuke’s are looking to make it the most advanced installment in the series yet.

It seems that every year a new mode or feature is added into the mix, but the latest entry in the SmackDown series will feature what can only be called the most intriguing feature ever found in a wrestling game:  Create-a-storyline mode.  That’s right, the latest feature introduced in SvR 2010 will have players creating storylines from scratch, putting together scripts for WWE superstars, and setting up matches.  Unlike the General Manager Mode last seen in SvR 2008 which really only allowed gamers to set up matches on a card-per-card basis, WWE Story Designer mode will give players complete control over the WWE product and will include several robust tools and ways to edit their WWE program any way they see fit.  Want to create a feud between Chris Jericho and Undertaker?  Go for it!  Want to build a romance angle between Edge and the lovely Maryse?  Have at it!  Miss the Attitude Era and all its backstage antics?  Well, now you can create storylines, plot twists, and backstage segments akin to the WWE of old.  The WWE is your sandbox in this brand new gameplay mode.


It should be noted that create-a-wrestler and create-a-finisher modes have been improved from last year’s game.  While the series has been using the same basic format for the CAW mode albeit with a few minor additions, this year THQ plans on adding more features and more realism to the mode.  In the past, different clothing and accessories have had a painted-on look.  This has been done away with, and all apparel will look realistic and have actual physics as opposed to just being stuck on the created grappler.  The ability to create a finishing maneuver was something that had many fans foaming at the mouth last year.  Despite being a fully functional feature, it was limited to front grapples only.  THQ has implemented the ability to create a finishing move off the top rope, so players can now look forward to creating high-flying, death-defying leaps off the turnbuckle.  In addition to this new tool, THQ has stated that there will be much more overall content, about 30% more to be exact.

Road to Wrestlemania mode will return, and players will be able to play through six different storylines.  Unlike last year, the latest in the SmackDown series will include a Diva storyline as well as a storyline for created wrestlers.  While players have been able to develop their created brawler through season mode in the past, SvR 2010 marks the first time since WWF No Mercy that a complete and competent Diva storyline has been included in a wrestling game.

For the first time in nine years, the Divas division is represented in a WWE game.
For the first time in nine years, the Divas division is represented in a WWE game.

In the past, Wii owners have felt cheated in terms of content.  Downgraded graphics, questionable controls, and the lack of create-a-finisher mode have all made previous entries of the series on the Wii feel lackluster in comparison to the other consoles’ versions.  THQ has stated that all of that changes this year.  The Wii version of SvR 2010 will include create-a-finisher and create-a-storyline modes, and those modes will feature all of the robust options found on the other consoles.  The gameplay will also see a dramatic overhaul.  Motion controls are being scrapped, and players can now utilize the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and GameCube controller to deliver the hurt on their opponents.

In keeping with the improvements to the Nintendo console versions, THQ also has plans of improving the gameplay for the DS version of the game.  Like the motion controls on the Wii, touch screen controls are being omitted in favor of the buttons and D-pad.  SvR 2010 on Nintendo’s handheld will also be treated to a card system.  Cards are earned in season mode by doing a number of different tasks and winning matches and can be used to boost stats and unlock bonus material.


It seems as if THQ and Yuke’s are planning on delivering a lot of content with SmackDown vs. Raw 2010.  It’s good to see the Wii version getting equal treatment in regards to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, and the DS version may just surprise everyone.  Despite the fact that many of the series features have become stale in the past, it appears that the developers are trying to reinvent the game with new mechanics, features, modes, and the ability to create your own storylines.  Wrestling game fans eager to jump in and start creating their own WWE shenanigans will have to wait until October 20 to unleash their inner professional wrestling promoter.

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  1. I’m not a fan of wrestling games to a large level, but when they do an excellent job of the sandbox things, that’s when things get awesome.

    And old friend of mine in Scotland, we’d spend ages creating characters who had their content in the game but weren’t available for play, RVD being a perfect example. XD, ah those were the days.

  2. Well, I am a big fan of Street fighter which gives a real fighting challenge, But wrestling I haven’t tried yet, the graphics looks good and well I can give a try for it

  3. I’m looking forward to SVR 2010, simply because of the increased roster and the re-vamped create and game modes, hopefully this installment in the series will be far better than SVR 2009, and especially the top-rope finishers will be part of the ‘Create-A-Finisher’ because SVR 2009 certain features that would of made it far more better than what it was, but besides that i’ve been a huge fan of all WWE games and i haven’t been disappointed yet.

  4. The fun is no less even if u play it on your desktop instead of your playstation if u really are a fan of the Smackdown vs Raw series. With great amount of improvement and a variety of new match styles and other features this game is turning out to be a sensation among the wrestling lovers.

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