Sega Announces Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll

The countdown featured in last week’s Sega Jackpot teaser has come to an end, setting the stage for Sega to unveil – with screenshots and trailers – their newest project:  Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for the Wii.  Promising fans the same features they loved about previous Super Monkey Ball games with a variety of new surprises; Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is scheduled for release this winter.


Let us know what you think!  Was Sega’s announcement of another Wii party game in Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll worthy of the excitement created by Sega Jackpot last week?




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  1. it was a great teaser campaign from Sega that’s for sure… but Super Monkey Ball step and roll? Personally I think the hype was not warranted for that kind of campaign but probably Wii fans are excited about it :-).

  2. Any campaign like this is worth it if people pay attention. This post was written and that in itself indicates success for Sega. The goal is to get people talking. They’ve done that; thus, it was worth it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in a few months.

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