New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Star Coin Locations World 2

In my previous strategy guide I covered the Star Coin Locations in World 1.  In this strategy guide I will cover World 2’s Star Coin locations and how to get them.  If this is the first strategy guide of my series that you have run across then you may want to check out this strategy guide first because I will be referring to a few terms that I used in that guide.  So without further adieu, I bring you New Super Mario Bros. Wii Star Coin Locations World 2.

World 2

Level 1 Star Coin Locations

Star Coin #1

World 2-1 Star 1

It’s important to note that throughout this level you will face many sand geysers that you will need to use to clear many of the large gaps.  Some of the Star Coins, including this one, are only accessible by using these sand geysers.  After clearing the first three gaps you will come to this little section shown above.  You will want to simply wait until the sand geyser below the coin shoots up and then jump onto it and it will launch you up to grab the coin.

Star Coin #2

World 2-1 Star 2

There are two ways to get this Star Coin, you can either Wall-Slide down the small section of wall just to the right of the Piranha Plant and fall into the hole to grab the coin; or you can wait for the geyser to the right of the wall to shoot up and jump on, and just as it goes back down just make Mario fall down to the left into the hole.

Star Coin #3

World 2-1 Star 3

There are also two ways to grab this coin as well.  First of all you can use a propeller head, which you will need to pick up at another level, and jump down towards the coin and just as you grab it shake the Wii Remote to fly back up to safer ground.  Or you can use the red shell from the nearby Koopa to throw at the coin, which makes it yours.

Level 2

Star Coin #1

World 2-2 Star 1-1

About halfway through the level just before the checkpoint flag you will notice a deep sandpit that you can slowly ride down.  Once you’ve reached the bottom of this pit you will come to this room:

World 2-2 Star 1-2

Jump down onto the blue bricks and jump up and hit the P Switch.  Once this has been done the blue bricks will turn into coins and the entire hole beneath you opens up to a path full of coins.  You will free fall while trying to grab as many coins as possible.  Note: If you fall straight down you will reach the bottom before the time runs out, meaning that you wasted time that you could be using to get coins.  Use the walls on occasion to Wall-Slide and Wall-Jump to slow your progression and allow you to get more points.  At the bottom you will see a pipe, enter that pipe.

World 2-2 Star 1-3

Once in this room you will want to watch out for the Stone Spikes and hit ? Switch and to cause four rising and falling platforms to appear.  Work your way to the top and grab the coin before the time runs out.  If it does run out before you can grab the coin you will be able to hit the ? switch again.

Star Coin #2

World 2-2 Star 2-1

After you come up out of the pipe from getting the first coin just walk up the hill ahead of you and jump on the rising and falling brown platform.  Use the platform to hit the blocks to the right of the platform, as show above.  The block on the far left holds a vine that leads you up to a secret area with a coin, so make sure you hit that one.  Climb up the vine.

World 2-2 Star 2-2

At the top of the vine you will see a platform that moves to the right when you jump on it.  You need to be careful here because there is no floor beneath you and if you jump off you will end up back in the level.  Ride the platform to the right and grab the POW block, but don’t use it immediately.  Wait until you are able to see the Star Coin and throw the POW block down when the platform is positioned directly beneath the coin.  Grab the coin when it falls onto the platform before it goes out of sight.

Star Coin #3

World 2-2 Star 3-1

This coin I personally found more difficult to get because it required a little bit more skill.  You are also introduced to Mini Mario at this point and if it is your first time using Mini Mario then you may find yourself misjudging jumps and dying more often than you would like.  First things first, about three-quarters of the way through the level you will notice a green pipe down below an overhang, you want to go into this pipe, so make your way down and enter.  Once inside you will find a ? block that will release a small mushroom that will shrink you down when you grab it.  You are now Mini Mario and can run on water and when you jump you get a lot of hangtime.  There is a short little course you can run to get you accustomed to how Mini Mario moves.  Exit the pipe and head right across the moving platforms, but watch out for Stone Spikes.

World 2-2 Star 3-2

You will come to a place that looks like this, but the small pipe will be blocked by two barrels.  Mini Mario can pick them up and throw them, so don’t worry too much, just grab them and toss them out of the way and enter the pipe.

World 2-2 Star 3-3

Once inside simply hit the P switch and blue coins will appear to chart your course across the water to a wall jump off of the right wall and onto the platform above where you can snatch up the final Star Coin of this level.

Level 3

Star Coin #1

World 2-3 Star 1

This entire level is dark and can only be lit up by lamps which are place throughout the level, fireballs shot by either Mario or a Piranha Plant, or Fire Snakes which pop up occasionally throughout the level.  This particular Star Coin will be easily lit up by Fire Snakes and is about halfway through the level; it will be hard to miss.  There is also a star placed just before this section that should help light the area up and get past those pesky Fire Snakes.

Star Coin #2

World 2-3 Star 2

(resized and edited image from GameSpot)

About three-quarters of the way through the level you will run across the second Star Coin, but it is very easy to miss if it isn’t lit up right.  You will notice a long wooden bridge with a ? block at the end of it.  Hit the ? block and grab the Fire Flower and use the fireballs to light Mario’s path beneath the wooden bridge to the Star Coin.  Watch out for one of the Bros. who is also tossing fireballs just to the right of the ? block.

Star Coin #3

World 2-3 Star 3-1

Right at the end of the level you will notice where the ground begins to slope down and a couple of Piranha Plants are hanging down from the ceiling.  Just above the point where it begins to slope downward is a small platform that you can reach by Wall-Jumping off of the wall to the left of the Piranha Plants.  Once you are on the Platform just jump over to the right and onto the top of the level and run across to find the final Star Coin shown here:

World 2-3 Star 3-2

Level: Tower

Star Coin #1

World 2-Tower Star 1

Getting all of the Star Coins in the Tower level should be straight forward and you probably won’t even need me to tell you about any of them except maybe one.  This coin in particular simply requires you to jump on the shifting chain-link panels and wait for them to shift to the left so you can jump off and grab the coin.  This coin is located just below the first door you go into to get to the next section of tower, you can’t miss it.

Star Coin #2

World 2-Tower Star 2

After you enter the door at the very top of the first section of tower you will enter into this part of the tower shown above.  Walk to the right and you will see a wall, this is a hidden wall and it is also where the coin is hidden.  Walk into the wall and grab the second coin.

Star Coin #3

World 2-Tower Star 3

Just before you get to the very top of the level where the big red doors are, you will a set of three shifting chain-link panels and a Star Coin located at the top of the panel furthest to the left.  You will need to make your way to that panel by using precise timing and careful maneuvering so you don’t fall down a level or hit the spikes just above the Star Coin.  Once you’ve grabbed the coin make your way to the top and defeat the boss.

Level 4

Star Coin #1

World 2-4 Star 1-1

You may find that the Star Coins are hard to get in this level because the wind factor is frustrating.  Occasionally throughout the level and gust of wind comes and makes it hard for you to walk to the left, and if you jump then you will be carried by the wind.  Sometimes you can use it to your advantage, but other times it brings death upon you.  One key to controlling Mario in the wind is to situate yourself next to a block or wall and wait for the wind to subside before moving along.  The first Star Coin is located towards the beginning of the level.  After you pass your first green pipe look for a rope ladder that leads you up to structure show above.  There are three hidden blocks to the left of that structure, and the middle block contains a vine that leads you up to the area with the coin.

World 2-4 Star 1-2

Once you are there you will need to hit the bottom two blocks to reveal two vines.  The only way up is to climb the vine you originally came in on because the entire bottom section has invisible blocks that keep you from jumping up on the two vines you just revealed.  You will need to hit some of those invisible blocks to give you some ground to walk on.  Climb the first vine and walk across to the second vine.  You will need to hit some more of these blocks on the second level so you can walk across to the exit pipe as well.  Otherwise just climb the second vine shown above and jump over to get the coin.

Star Coin #2

World 2-4 Star 2-1

After you pass the checkpoint flag you will see a pipe in a small niche.  Make sure you have a propeller head for this coin because you will need it for the next section.  Wait for the wind to subside and Wall-Slide down the small section of wall just above the pipe and fall down into the pipe.

World 2-4 Star 2-2

Once you are down the pipe you will want to jump towards the coin and just as Mario is falling down shake your Wii Remote to send him spinning to the right side platform.  Note: Remember that you will need Propeller Head Mario for this.

Star Coin #3

World 2-4 Star 3

Propeller Head Mario is also a must for the third coin as well.  When you get to this point you will see the third coin is just out of reach.  You will need to back-track to the end of the platform you are on and drop down to the ground and go to the point where the ground ends and notice a small ledge.  You will have to wait for the wind and once it starts blowing jump up and let the wind carry you to the right.  When Mario begins to fall propel yourself up and towards the coin and onto the platform above.

Level 5

Star Coin #1

World 2-5 Star 1

I always find these levels very difficult because those Lakitus are always messing up my grove and I end up dying a lot.  Yoshi is an added plus on this level because you can use his tongue to grab the Lakitus and then use the cloud for yourself as show above.  This first Star Coin is located in the first quarter of the level.  When the Lakitus first shows up you will know that the coin is nearby.  Use the tree shown, and Yoshi, to grab Lakitus and use the cloud or Yoshi’s Flutter-Jump to find the Star Coin hidden in the wisp of clouds shown above.

Star Coin #2

World 2-5 Star 2-1

This part may be a little difficult to understand at first, but it shouldn’t take too long to figure it out.  Basically you need to get where my character is above and drop down into that bottom yellow block.  You can walk into the side of the yellow block to drop down, but note that you can’t be standing on top of a yellow block and drop down through it, you must enter through the side.  Kill the Piranha Plant that is situated between the two yellow blocks and jump down where it was located.  Walk into the yellow blocks on the right side and down to the section where my character is.  Then just drop down to the left to take you into the area shown below.

World 2-5 Star 2-2

This room is dark but you can use a lit up block and throw it up on top of the tall yellow rectangle in the middle of the room to reveal the Star Coin.  Use Yoshi’s Flutter-Jump to grab it.

Star Coin #3

World 2-5 Star 3

To get this Star Coin you will need to grab a cloud from a Lakitus that is located near the pipe you come out of when you leave the location of the second Star Coin.  Ride the cloud as far right as you can and try to get some height because the cloud will disappear almost as soon as you get to the coin so you will want to make sure you are above the coin so you can drop down and get it.

Level 6

Star Coin #1

World 2-6 Star 1

The first coin in level six is located at the beginning of the level when you jump on the rotating pink and white box.  The box will begin to climb upwards and at the top of the incline you will see the Star Coin above your head.  A simple jump with good timing should suffice, but the optimal way to get it would be with the Propeller Head which is located at the beginning of the level just before the coin.

Star Coin #2

World 2-6 Star 2-1

Just before your journey on the first box is over you will see a set of blocks like the ones above.  They sway back and forth so make sure you time your jumps right or you may end up falling straight down.  There will be a green pipe at the top of the set of blocks, enter this pipe.

World 2-6 Star 2-2

Once you are in the next location you will see this image above.  The clouds on the bottom are springy so stepping on them will give you a slight bounce.  You can get this coin without the propeller head because you only need to do a simple Pounce-Bounce off of the clouds to reach the coin.  Watch out for the Koopas overhead.

Star Coin #3

World 2-6 Star 3

The third and final coin of the level is located almost at the end.  After you get on the second rotating pink and white box it is located a little ways up the path just before the red ring.  If you have Propeller Head Mario this should be simple, otherwise you will need to time a Pounce-Bounce off of the Flame Chomp to reach it.

Level: Castle

Star Coin #1

World 2-Castle Star 1-1

The castle here is all about patterns.  It is divided into three sections and in order to pass each section you have to choose the correct path.  So, in order to the the first Star Coin you will need to take the middle path after you pass the fireballs jumping out of the lava.  This is the wrong path, but it will allow you to get the first Star Coin shown below.

World 2-Castle Star 1-2

Star Coin #2

World 2-Castle Star 2

In order to get the second Star Coin you must pass the first section.  You will need to be Big Mario in order to get this coin.  Run at the front of the moving screen because time is of the essence in order to retrieve the coin.  You will get to a set of blocks that you need to break; once they are broken run and jump up into the area and grab the coin.  Make sure you jump down quickly before the screen closes you in.

Star Coin #3

World 2-Castle Star 3

The third coin requires you to first hit the P switch (located above Mario’s head in this picture) and then run on the bricks just above the lava to get the third and final Star Coin.

There you have it folks.  This is the walkthrough for the Star Coin locations in the second world.  I think everything was mapped out well, but if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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