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Super Laser Racer is an exciting combat racing game set in outer geometric space. Blast your way to the top of theleaderboard using lasers, missiles, bombs and more! Super Laser Racer is like nothing you’ve played before! Try the free demo or purchase the full version for $9.99 / £7.49 / €7.99.”

You’re in 1st position, nothing can stop you now, then you see a blue coloured bomb, you try to steer out of its path but you don’t turn in time. All of a sudden the whole pack of racers bumps, crashes and unleash their weapons on you, destroying you, and sending you back to the menu screen.

Super Laser Racer Demo doesn’t offer a lot, being given only the “Quick Race” option, and only one game type to choose from. However, I was somehow addicted to the game play, shooting little bouncy lasers and dropping multi coloured bombs may sound childish, but the difficulty is anything but childish.super-laser-racer

There really isn’t any story behind the game, in the demo you play as an orange coloured, transparent ship,(you unlock more ships as you go along) the graphics aren’t so good, but it’s been sugar coated by the special effects such as small coloured particles flying aimlessly after an explosion. The game play, as I’ve mentioned before is addictive, but it’s mostly due to the difficulty level. At first I thought that by looking at the title and taking a quick glimpse at the game, that the difficulty wouldn’t be challenging, well, I was mistaken:

If you select “EASY” mode, don’t expect a challenge, it’s a walk in the park. Select “NORMAL” mode, and you’re in for a surprise, countless times I found myself battling for 11th position (there are 12 racers in a race). Selecting “HARD” mode is defiantly only recommended to the hardcore players who are able to master this game flawlessly, it’s that hard.

Stay away from the word "HARD".
Stay away from the word "HARD".

The title music is bizarre and not very enjoyable at all. The soundtracks while in-game sound familiar to when you walk into a super market, but they fit in with the game somehow. The music got a bit too repetitive for my liking, but others will most probably dance on their chairs to it.

Overall, the game’s graphics aren’t the best, but are made up by the special effects, I’m not a fan of the music the game has to offer, but I know it’s the kind of music that will be enjoyed by many. The game play is addictive, but only because the difficulty modes will want you to keep playing until you come in 1st position. This game is fit for casual gamers, but also to any gamer out there that are looking for a challenge.


Download the demo or full game here.

Rating: 7/10

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  1. I’ve realised something about this game, it strangely resembles the first “Wip3out” game. For example, the ship models look similar and also the weapons and the shield recharge station.

  2. The graphics remind me of that flash game Vector TD, one of those Tower Defense games. It’s worth a bash if you’re into those kinda of games.

  3. The game looks weird and confusing with so many blips and colors everywhere. is it worth 10 bucks? it looks like something you can play for free on those flash games websites.

  4. Quite honestly, I was more excited about this game from its name, but it just doesn’t appear to live up to that name from what I’ve read and seen. I don’t like the images I’ve seen. I think I’ll pass on this particular game.

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