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Well my 360’s disc drive broke in May but I haven’t baled on the console yet. You see if you have a 360 you already know you can download full video games via Xbox Live Arcade. Anyways with only the odd on disc summer title that is actually decent you have to take your gaming elsewear and Xbox Live Arcade has been my summer gaming sanctuary.

So I give you my top five summer XBLA games.

5.Marvel VS Capcom 2
mvc2montageBasically this is the same game you may have played on your last-gen consoles but the visuals are remastered and better suited for the power of the Xbox 360. The mere fact you get dozens of your favourite Marvel Comics and Capcom characters to play as makes this game a must buy. I must admit the music isn’t great but the Arcade style gameplay that is devoid of modern games returns and feels great. Be sure to check out the trial or download this game for 1,200 MS points.

4.Splosion Man


This is a lovely one button platforming/puzzle game that gives you control of a character who must use has explosion powers to reach the exit. There are also time trials and challenges.

3.The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

the-secret-of-monkey-island-special-edition-3_1_thumb6-540x293 This is a remastered version of the game that defined the puzzle game genera. This version includes wonderful new visuals, a improved soundtrack and voiceovers that bring the games witty humour to life.

2.Trials HD

trials_hd_screen_05 A racing/puzzle game that allows you to travel through courses with various dirtbikes. The game gives you over 30 courses and special challenges however what makes this game great is its in depth but easy to use map creator which, if I might be so bold in saying rivals that of Little Big Planet’s.

1.Shadow Complex

shadow_complex_trailer_emm_6300bitrate You may have read my post about this game, if so you know I like this game. Basically this feels like the classic Metroid and Castlevania titles, with an engaging story. Also the game includes a nice little RPG twist and some of the most unique weapons and Ideas to come out of game. Did I mention it is made by the same developers as Gears Of War.

Games Rated E-T

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