Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2, and Monster Hunter Tri Pushed Back.

Capcom has pushed back a set of games they had planned to release in the first quarter of 2010 until after March of 2010.  Why you may ask?  Most of us can probably figure out why Capcom would want to do this considering the big releases adorning the first quarter.  Games like Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and God of War III are enough competition for themselves; you can just forget about Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2, and Monster Hunter Tri making any significant impact as far as sales go.

Capcom has always had a tradition of releasing some of their biggest titles at the beginning of the year rather than waiting like most companies do, but maybe they are starting to catch on to a good thing that Capcom started.  Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Devil May Cry 4 are a few examples of early year releases that produced some great sales and gameplay.

Don’t be quick to count these games out, this is by no means Capcom’s way of waving the white flag.  It is Capcom’s way of realizing that they have a good set of games and to optimize sales they will release it with a less daunting line-up.  Dark Void and Capcom vs. Tatsunoko are still releasing in the first quarter, so that’s a little proof that Capcom isn’t tapping out yet.

Other companies have been doing similar things to Capcom; in fact, I reported some news earlier in December that Bethesda was pushing back their release of Brink to a different quarter.

In light of all this information we can be sure to see some great great games next year, period.  Some people, including the Editor-in-Chief of Game Informer Magazine, have already dubbed 2010 as the greatest year in gaming of all time.  Whether games are being released in the first quarter or in the third quarter, we can expect some great games next year.

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