Steam weekend deal – Mass Effect

This week’s steam weekend deal is the infamous role playing game Mass Effect. This weekend, the steam store offers you the chance to get this unique adventure only for 7,49€. This is the equivalent to about 11,50 us dollars and is a great deal for anyone who’s missed the game and now wants to make up for it. This is a 50% off the actual price.

A few things you must take into consideration: first, steam is a virtual service and the game will come to your steam account in a digital delivery, no physical box will be shipped. Second, you must have a valid steam account and to have downloaded the steam launcher to your PC. Third, this is the PC version of the game.

To take advantage of the offer, click here.

Also, Mass Effect 2 is drawing closer so you might want to keep saving your money.

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    Okay, that cinches it, I’m signing up for Steam, buying this, and I’m gonna play this until my RAM catches fire.

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