Starcraft Player Stabs Girl After Internet Crash

A Swedish teenager has allegedly stabbed a 15 year old girl after a faulty Internet connection left him unable to play Starcraft online.

The incident occurred on August 9th; The teen became furious after his Internet connection ceased to work, leaving the Swedish teen unable to play Starcraft online. In his confused rage, the teen stormed out onto the street located opposite his house and was carrying a kitchen knife. He stabbed a 15 year old girl who happened to be walking by the road.

Thankfully, her injuries have been confirmed as “non-fatal”.

The teen has been sentenced to “psychiatric care”. Seeing as the teen’s psychiatric state was not “sound” at the time, the incident has been classed as attempted manslaughter, as the teenager had no intention of actually murdering the girl when he left his house furious.

Seeing how furious this teenager got over an Internet downtime, it’s a good thing that no-one haxored his accounts, in a leet way, that is..

How does this incident make you feel about Starcraft online, does it have as many addicts as World of Warcraft?

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  1. Starcraft is serious business man! I’ve known people to lose their homes over Zerg rushes!

    Seriously now, this is what happens when you don’t draw clear broad lines between your internet life and your real life. Keep that kid in there for a while, and make sure he doesn’t play with any Koreans.

  2. The trigger could have been any game or any action. I do believe there is a connection in game violence and actual violence, but I’ll stop short of blaming one game over another one. I hope the teen gets help they sorely need.

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