Starcraft II: Beta Launch Detected?

Fans of Blizzard’s Starcraft II may be Zerg rushing each other sooner than expected, if reports on the internet indicate what they appear to. Video game writers have been receiving emails from developer Blizzard, requesting that their accounts be ready to go by the date of June 19th, 2009. Given that it is June 19th at the time of writing of this article, there isn’t long to go before we learn more about what is happening, whether journalists are getting exclusive early access to some kind of beta, whether the beta is coming to the public as well, or whether this was some kind of inexplicable false alarm. Blizzard has announced previously that the highly anticipated Starcraft II Beta would be taking place this summer. All the evidence, and rumors, appear to point to an imminent release date for the beta.

The first installment of the three Starcraft II singleplayer campaign games will be released this year according to Blizzard. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty focuses on the Terran campaign in the singleplayer, but will also include the Protoss and Zerg in the multiplayer component. However, Blizzard did warn of potential delays, something that any Blizzard fan will be familiar with.

Hopefully the long wait for Starcraft II is nearly over. If you haven’t already, be sure to opt in for the Starcraft II beta.

Coincidentally, the third Starcraft II battle report was leaked on Youtube today, which is a great way for newcomers to see what Starcraft is all about, and for fans to see the changes they’ve made in the sequel.

[gametrailers 51805]

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is scheduled to release this year on the PC platform.

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  1. The original had a great singleplayer, I’m hoping the Use Map Setting multiplayer maps will be back. Those were the most fun to play with friends.

  2. from the videos I downloaded from this is going to be the best game of the year! I cant wait to kick some ass with the new Terran characters.

  3. Game of the year candidate indeed. I’m not that big on Starcraft, but this? This looks like it’s gonna be damn awesome.

    I guess I’ll have to send some Zergs to anyone who says the guy in the pic looks like Master Chief.

  4. haha zerg… I kill zerglings and hydralisks in my sleep. they do look more powerful then ever in starcraft 2.. but terrans look like they have really beefed up their arsenal to.

  5. Hah, hydras and lings are no match for endless goliath spam!

    And if that proves to be insufficient, then endless siege tank/vulture spam!

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