Star Trek Open Beta Announced

The open beta for Star Trek Online has been announced as starting on January 12, 2010 and ending on January 26, 2010. This makes the open beta period for the game two weeks, and will allow players to make a solid opinion on the game before the game releases on February 2nd, 2010.

About Star Trek Online

Atari describes Star Trek Online as “Taking place in the year 2409, continuing the story of the latest film installment, Star Trek Online boasts extraordinary features and lets fans both new and old experience unparalleled adventures. Players will have the opportunity to become a high ranking Starfleet officer and will participate in missions that will take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and even inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, where every ship players command can be customized, from color to construction. Additionally, anyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online, as well as customize the look of their avatar’s uniform.”

More information about Star Trek Online can be found here and the official website for the game is here.

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