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On November 5, 2009 Maxis, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, released Spore Islands. The game takes the Spore franchise to the popular social media site Facebook.

The game allows players to create their own monster, and then use that monster to populate and dominate islands. Creature creation, in Spore fashion, allows players to pick different body parts which change the creature’s stats. Once players have a creature, they will use that creature to fight “wild” creatures on your island. Basically, at this point, players are able to observe their creature. This consists of watching a 150 turn life-cycle on your island, and whomever has the most points at the end dominates.

The gameplay has very little player interaction beyond the designing of creatures, and even that leaves something to be desired. There are nine selectable parts for each required body part. Beyond that, the only customization a player gets is to change colors and add on unlockable accessories and abilities. Sure, players can “evolve” their creatures, but evolution only consists of changing the creature’s stats, which can be done during creature creation.

Additionally, in order to fight against your friend’s monsters, you have to invite each other to each others islands – with the max number of creatures on an island being five.

Overall, the game leaves something to be desired, because it sports the Spore name. Hopefully, in the future, more creature parts will be released, to make the player feel as if they play a larger role. Still, if someone hasn’t had a chance to delve into the Spore franchize, this is their chance to take a tiny, tiny look.

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  1. Yeah i dunno about Spore, i paid full price for the game when it came out last year and i was a bit dissapointed. I mean making the creature is fun, but after that it gets a bit pointless, if only there was some multiplayer aspect.

  2. Aye, being able to pit yourselves against other people’s planets, controlled by the player, would be more fun that just going against AI controlled creatures, even if they are player created.

    Who knows, maybe sometime they’ll take an MMO route.

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