Splatterhouse Due Out Third Quarter 2010

Namco Bandai recently announced a third quarter 2010 release date for Splatterhouse.  The gory beat ‘em up, which is based on the arcade hit of the late 1980s, was originally being developed by BottleRocket Entertainment.  After being dissatisfied with the performance of the now-defunct third-party developer, the folks over at Namco Bandai decided to rid themselves of BottleRocket and develop the game on their own.

While a very vague 2010 release window was announced after the ordeal, it has been made clear that Namco Bandai will indeed be releasing Splatterhouse in the third quarter of 2010.  The company has hired a number of former BottleRocket employees to work on the project.

Old-school Splatterhouse.
Old-school Splatterhouse.

The original Splatterhouse was popular during the time of its release because it broke new ground and offered gamers a violent action game to coincide with all of the horror flicks of the 1980s.  Various home console ports and sequels were released, but the definitive version of the game has always been considered to be the arcade iteration.  The current-gen Splatterhouse title is said to be based on this version, and it will feature beat ‘em up gameplay in 3D environments with advanced graphics.

The story in the original Splatterhouse revolves around a college student named Rick whose girlfriend has gone missing.  After obtaining a strange mask, the young man transforms and garners superhuman strength.  The current-gen interpretation is based on the original story but will also include a few changes and plot twists courtesy of comics writer Gordon Rennie.

New-school Splatterhouse.
New-school Splatterhouse.

With an almost-definite release date set, what kind of content and gameplay can gamers expect from the 3D brawler?  Will this remake satisfy fans of the first game as well as newcomers?  What exactly does Namco Bandai have in store for the 2010 release of Splatterhouse?

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  1. Well, if it’s gory, I’m out. I don’t like that kind of thing, and my concern for the subject matter is huge, too. In this era, there’s too many real life girlfriends gone missing for me to find this entertaining. It sounds like a retread that would be better off in the past.

  2. I remember playing the second one on the Genesis way back when, awesome game. I still remember to back the hell away from the first boss when you kill him since his guts explode. XD

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