Spacewars Deathmatch Review

Spacewars Deathmatch Review

Platform– iPhone
Developer– Makebari
Release date– July 29, 2009
Price– $0.99
Average rating– NA

Spacewars Deathmatch for the iPhone is a casual, retro looking space shooter. Simple controls and nostalgic graphics provide fun that will be sure to bring back some memories. Makebari doesn’t have dozens of titles under their belt yet, so this game is fairly unheard of, but is still very entertaining.

Your goal in Spacewars is to take control of a ship being launched into a dogfight, using dual joystick controls to maneuver around the large area, attempting to take down the other pilots. Along the way you can pick up powerups, from shields to tri-bullet weapons.


Where this title shines is the gameplay. In a solo game you can fight up to 3 other AI controlled bots. They provide quite a challenge, without making the game feel impossible to beat. The best feature of this game though, is the LAN multiplayer. You and up top three friends can connect over WLAN to battle it out in space; let the LAN parties begin. The gameplay feels smooth with no framerate issues.

With updates being worked on from player suggestions, including online multiplayer, this game is worth the low price tag. If you’re a fan of retro shooters, I’d recommend checking out Spacewars Deathmatch today, even if it’s only for the WLAN connectivity.

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