Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review


Platform– iPhone
Developer– TAITO Corp.
Release date– July 27, 2009
Price– $4.99
Average rating– 5/5

Space Invaders Infinity Gene for the iPhone was relatively unheard of until release, but the finished product is simply amazing. Taking only a few aspects from the original, it adds new elements to create an experience that’s as memorable as it is affordable. The controls work great, allowing you to easily navigate the beautiful levels. With so many unlockables, this game will provide just the right amount of nostalgia and evolution to the series to satisfy any fan of the shooter genre.

Upon starting the game you are greeted with a retro looking loading screen, followed by the main menu. It starts out simple but other options will become available; more on that later. The first level is actually level 0, letting you play a few short moments of the original before launching you into what I believe is the best shooter for the iPhone to date.


Your goal in Space Invaders IG is to guide your ship through the level, avoiding enemy fire and taking down as many opposing ships as you can. A key mechanic in this game is the evolution system. Destroying certain enemies releases DNA, which when collected is used to upgrade not only your ship, but the entire game. After the evolution meter is filled following each level, the upgrade occurs, resulting in new menu options, new weapons, extra levels, or more stock lives. The best part is, if you’re stuck on a level, you can replay a previous one to upgrade.

Controlling your ship is as simple as moving your finger anywhere on the screen. This is a great idea, as dodging lasers in a tight spot isn’t easy with your finger in the way. My only issue with controls is actually on menu buttons, requiring a double tap to be used.

The graphics in any Space Invaders game have never been amazing, or state of the art, but Infinity Gene manages to use vector style models to give explosions and the stages of evolution a certain beauty, one that any fan of the original would appreciate. The backgrounds to the levels are often trippy checkered patterns, or a bright gradient; always pleasing to the eye.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is just an amazing game, giving new life to a classic. With so many unlockables. almost infinite replayability, and a low price tag, this title is a must have. Fans of the original and those new to the series alike will without a doubt find something to love about this game, and that alone justifies going to the App Store and buying it today.

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  1. What a different take on the Space Invaders. I really like the concept of building your own evolutionary tree. I’m going to have to get this one. Another sweet game for the iPhone!

  2. cool I used to play space invaders in the arcades its such a classic. The evolution is an interesting twist to the game.

  3. I’d rather play some of the Touhou games when it comes to shooters. Maybe you should give it a search on YouTube, that game can only be summed up as “Galaga on Crack”.

  4. This is another game that is right up my alley. I enjoy these classic reinventions and play them more than anything else, to be honest. It’s just a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to playing this one sometime soon.

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