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Not necessarily a breaking piece of news but more of an addition to a previous article I posted last week for you all to get your corneas into. On the back of the (awaiting official) announcement that Microsoft will be hiking up the price of the 360 Arcade model in the UK by an extra £30, Microsoft have matched Sony’s offer of a “mouth watering” price-cut by lowering the price of the Elite system.

“Hmm, haven’t I already read about this on here a couple of weeks ago?” you might ask; and you’d be right. But that’s just how we roll here at Gamer Syndrome, we’re at least two weeks ahead of the curve, and for that your welcome guys. Anyway, in an attempt to not lose my trail of thought I should explain that when this story was published two weeks ago we only had a snapshot from a Meijer catalogue to confirm this price-slash to $299.99 for the 120 GB system. Now on the other hand this news has finally been confirmed by Microsoft, along with some extra details that somewhat tarnish what could have possibly been great news.


Yes the Elite system will be cut to the stated price but it will only come with the old standard AV cables and not HD component or HDMI, which you would think would be included with Microsoft’s answer to the ultimate HD gaming experience. That is why today I’m only rewarding Microsoft with half a point against Sony, for their attempt to match their slim-line/price-cut announcement doesn’t quite match up as they seem more concerned conning gamers out of a mere $20+ than actually providing them with a great deal. I know its a small price to pay, but for them not to include what should now be standard just seems…well…petty.

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  1. Hmmm… IDK… I’ve always been more drawn to the PS3 than the 360, and with the Slim coming out for $299, I’ll be getting that console by the time winter rolls around. I don’t care much the 360’s marketing. I mean, lowering the price on their console but omitting HD hardware? That just seems ridiculous on Microsoft’s part.

  2. Heh, my thoughts are the exact opposite of David’s.

    I’ve always proffered the Xbox 360 to the PS3 ( I own both, so I’m not some insane fan boy).

    However, the whole “removing HD hardware” was just stupid, the reason they did that was probably to be able to afford the price cut…

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