Sony 2 – Microsoft 0

In an attempt to compete with Sony’s exciting announcement of the slimline Ps3 and its price cut to $299, Microsoft – as predicted – have made their own little announcement to steal Sony’s thunder; and boy its a good-en! Starting on the 1st of September Microsoft will be changing their price for the Xbox 360 Arcade to £159.99.

Woah hang on

(Pulls out calculator)

That’s a £30 increase from the current £129.99 price tag. Way to go Microsoft, that’s how you reel in potential customers wishing to upgrade to a next-gen console.  Not only that but the Arcade console wont include the XBLA game bundle its currently flogging and there’s an intention to raise prices on 360 accessories in the near future as well. The reason you may ask? Well according to reports, the scheduled hike in prices are to accommodate the devaluation of the British Pound against the Euro and US Dollar.


Its understandable that if the Pound has devalued significantly in recent months then Microsoft would want to make up that lost capital but surely announcing this straight after Sony’s price cut and slimline press release just seems like an extremely poorly judged move on Microsoft’s part. Unless they want people to take advantage of the current prices before the increase? If so then Microsoft, you are a sneaky dog. But its more likely they just want that extra £30 from every new Arcade consumer.


As of now only retailers have confirmed the increased price-tag and an official statement from Microsoft is pending, but following this great news from Sony with expected price hikes makes Microsoft come out the loser. We expect something to compensate for this Microsoft, especially for those reading this in the UK.

The ball is now in your court…

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  1. Ha, I was being sarcastic. If so its a bloody bad way to steal Sony’s price-cutting spotlight by hiking up their own.

  2. Ultimately, it’s the gamers who make the decision. What we buy or don’t buy, and when we do it, shapes the tide in pricing. Not being in the UK, I’m not sure how the pricing valuation really works, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  3. Sony must be getting pretty tense if they knock that much cash off the pricetag. Wish they did that from the start though, I think part of the PS3’s slight slump is the low price.

    What Microsoft is doing, it’s like Sony saying “We’ve stamped out drugs in the workplace!” and Microsoft saying “We encourage use of steroids in our shipping department!”

  4. OrganizationXIII, loving the simile. Nintendo should have the same philosophy as Microsoft everytime them bring out a new console/peripheral, to get alot more shipped for demand, ha.

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