So, who wants Bioshock 2

Next year, Bioshock 2 will be in your arms begging you to play it. We all loved the first Bioshock, with it’s unusual storyline and it’s great graphics, but what do we think Bioshock 2 will be like. Well, again the game takes place in Rapture an underwater city. Set eleven years after the events of BioShock, a number of towns around the world of BioShock have been reporting kidnappings of girls who are very young, with some people reporting the kidnappers as both extremely fast and thin, with red lights often reported as either being worn by the attacker or spotted nearby in the sea.

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  1. Erm… this really hasn’t made me want to buy Bioshock 2.

    Is what you said about the kidnappers true, or have you just told a little story of your own?

    Sorry, I’m really confused about this article. 0_0

  2. pretty vague 🙂 but Bioshock was a great game.. not sure if the article is making me want to jump out of my seat but probably for the fans out there waiting for the game any news is good news?

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