Slim Chances for 2010 GTA

Take-Two have announced that they don’t need to issue an annual release of GTA in order to turn a profit.

Chairman, Strauss Zelnick made the statement during a company conference where he also applauded Rock Star’s efforts in exploring other formats such as Xbox Live and handhelds.

“We don’t feel that GTA ought to be an annualized franchise,” Zelnick said. “Of course, there’s a balance between how long it takes to develop such an incredible title and meet consumer expectations, and how long you need to make sure that an appetite has been both satisfied and whetted for the next franchise.”

“That’s something I think the company historically has done rather well and I think the high profitability and resiliency of the franchise reflects that.”

It’s a shame that ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ may be the last Grand Theft Auto release that we see in a while. Still, Rock Star do have a reputation to uphold, with every major release of the series being well received by critics. Quality over quantity as they say.

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  1. That’s awesome, makes my heart all warm and fuzzy towards Take-Two. They are so few companies like them nowadays. I don’t want GTA to be an annual release like Madden, I mean we’ve seen how well that goes. Yeah it’d sell like crazy, but the actual quality would be shameful. e.g. Madden.

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