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Fans of animals and Sims 3 might be delighted to learn the Sims 3 Store is currently having a sale on its Animals Abound set. This set consists of bedroom furniture, each item representing or displaying one of our friends from the animal kingdom. Personal favourites include the Franny Bunny Light, a lamp in the shape of a bunny head complete with standing ears and beady eyes and a beside table called Very Beary Table [pictured above left] who seems quiet happy to live off a diet of fresh, clean socks. The set is currently being sold for 850 sim points; a saving of 190 sim points from its original price. Any potential buyer is advised to hurry as this offer ends October 16th.

Anyone who’s ran out of sim points might be interested to learn the store is offering bonus items to those who make their next purchase a minimum of 500 sim points. The bonus items include a decorative wall clock and a sailor outfit. Receiving an item of your choice is dependant on the amount of sim points you purchase. The offer is limited to one per person however, so buyers are advised to make their choice wisely. Unlike the last offer, there is no need to hurry as this will not end until November 30th.

If you’re interested in free downloads, there are a couple of seasonal sets which may interest you.

Those looking forward to the night of ghosts and ghouls will be pleased to learn there is a free Halloween Treats set. The set includes all familiar seasonal favourites, including a Jack O Lantern, here in the form of a floor lamp, and a ghost shaped mirror. But no Halloween set would be complete without a black cat and this one has such a feline in the shape of a sculpture called The Mysterious Cat [pictured above center].

Finally, to celebrate thanksgiving as well as the onset of Autumn, the Harvest Bounty set is available for free download. This set contains pumpkins in abundance, including a decorative one with a baby mouse sitting on top of it [pictured above right]. Cute!

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  1. This is great! Thanks for letting me know because I wasn’t aware of it. I just adore those little sets, and that mouse on the pumpkin is a must have. This is definitely my style, and off I go to check it out.

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