Sims 3 World Adventures: Mummy Dearest

The mummy is no longer being kept under wraps.

Further information on the character, who is seen in various screenshots of the forthcoming expansion pack Sims 3 World Adventures, has been published on the Sims 3 Newsfeed.

It has been confirmed by the website that Sims may encounter a mummy when exploring a tomb found in the Egypt world. Such encounters may result in a fight. Though one could be forgiven for thinking these fights will depend on your athletic skill points, it will in fact be the new martial arts skill which will determine the win or lose outcome. If you lose, there’s a chance you could be cursed!

Those unfortunate enough to be cursed will have a chance to beg for their Sim life, though not to the grim reaper in this instance, but perhaps the thematically correct Sphinx. If your Sim is denied a second chance, they must be prepared to spend the rest of their life in bandages! However, such a life is not without benefits. You’ll have a longer lifespan and you’ll never have to wee or sleep again.

So what mummies get up to when they’re tucked away inside their sarcophagus, I guess we’ll never know…

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  1. What would the downsides on it be? Probably be like the vampires in The Sims 2 where your needs dropped like a bucket of rocks if you tried to go outside while it was light out.

    As for what they do in the sarcophagus, isn’t it obvious? They play Duel Monsters!

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