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Is it nearly Christmas? Not according to the makers of the Sims, who it seems have yet to deliver their holiday gifts via the Sims 3 Store. Oh sure, there’s the clothing, including a Knitter Knights cardigan [pictured] complete with printed snowmen, but this can’t be the extent of EA’s Christmas spirit, can it?

Maybe they’re (the makers) are addicted to Sims 3 World Adventures with the rest of us (or should that be the best of us?). No excuse. They’ve had it for longer than us. Come on, guys! When do I get to decorate my house with the likes of Christmas trees, stockings and snowglobes? And what about making some seasonal moodlets, such as a generic “Looking forward to Christmas” moodlet which automatically bumps a Sim’s mood up by +10 (Perhaps +20 if they’re excitable or -10 if they’re grumpy – in fact they could have a “Bah, Humbug” moodlet!).

Unless I’m mistaken, new moodlets would be a first for the Sims 3 Store and are quite likely to never happen. Further more, if I carry on conveying this festive enthusiasm, perhaps by mentioning the inclusion of gift giving opportunities in game, I could well be the one to thank (or blame) for a forthcoming Christmas expansion pack. Or perhaps worse, a forthcoming Stuff Pack. Remember those gems, which sprouted like marigolds in the Sims 2 series? There was even a Christmassy one.

But surely such products won’t happen with Sims 3. After all, it has the Sims 3 Store, which allows users to purchase new items and clothes, either in sets or individually, at a pace that suits them. Perhaps the reported forthcoming release, entitled “High-End Loft Stuff”, which is due to be released Feburary next year is a sign that it isn’t a pace that suits EA.

Though not explicitly dubbed a Stuff Pack as yet, the detail that Loft Stuff has yet to reach the levels of exposure and complexity of World Adventures could well be clues enough. Even if Loft Stuff met such levels, it doesn’t seem to compare with the current thrill that is World Adventures. Currently, the most exciting thing about Loft Stuff seems to be the inclusion of three items that appeared in the original Sims; the vibrating love bed, the electric guitar and the aquarium.

Because, you know, it’s clear we don’t have enough guitars or fish in Sims 3, already.

On the upside, there is one forthcoming product which has made me write its name with manic sized capitals on an ever growing Christmas list and that is the somewhat rumoured promise of a Create-A-World tool which is said to be “available for free” sometime this month.

Create-a-World is straightforward in that it allows users to, as the title suggests, create new worlds, or rather neighbourhoods, for their Sims. As informed on Sim Operations website, players can tweak bodies of water and land, even decorating the landscape with the colour of “snow” or “cotton candy”.  Other sources have warned that Create-a-World may not be a doddle to use, but the opportunity to use such a tool will, I’m sure, keep many Sim fans occupied over the holiday period.

If they’re not already spending it creating tombs, that is.

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