SimAnimals Africa Preview

SimAnimals Africa Preview

In the trailer for SimAnimals Africa, which is due for release on the Wii and DS early next week, potential players are encouraged to “discover the ultimate secret of the wild kingdom”.

We can only hope that’s NOT Lara Croft and her double pistols.

Anyone who’s a fan of the original SimAnimals will have an idea of what to expect here. Africa appears to be more SimAnimals but with an exotic touch. Think Lion King without the plot – and Elton John. In game locations range from dry to moist, such as volcanic deserts and jungles. Players will be able to populate such locations with creatures such as zebras, crocodiles, lions and elephants.

Gameplay seems to remain the same from its original instalment. Players can complete various challenges to unlock further animals, plants and items. This can require being kind to your animals, by feeding them and watering them and generally catering to their needs. Eventually, kindness rewards those with further control of their animals, enabling to play the game as them and solve various problems with their special abilities. For example, hippos can dig up new bodies of water and elephants can use such water to nurse sick trees back to health.

As with any main instalment within the Sims series, SimAnimals Africa is essentially a sandbox game. Despite it’s “ultimate secret”, anyone who’s looking for an epic tale or some kind of resolution would probably do well to look elsewhere. Here, it’s a case of “what you see is what you get”. If gooey-eyed hippos don’t do anything for you, then perhaps your soul craves for something deeper and darker. Like an Angel of Darkness. Then again, maybe not…

SimAnimals Africa is out on theWii and DS October 27th.

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